While acknowledging AI's potential, Warren Buffett called for careful consideration and regulations to minimise potential risks and maximise positive outcomes. Image Credit: Reuters file photo

Washington: Warren Buffett, the renowned investor and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, expressed his concerns regarding the potential impact of generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) during the company's annual meeting.

He admitted limited AI knowledge but acknowledged its importance. Buffett compared AI to nuclear weapons, both powerful forces unleashed with uncertain consequences.

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"Last year, I mentioned the genie unleashed with nuclear weapons. It's terrifying, and we can't put it back. AI feels similar. It's out there, crucial, and someone will develop it," he said.

Buffett shared a personal experience with a deceptive AI-generated image and voice imitating him.

Similar to the concerns of scientists like Teller regarding nuclear testing, Buffett expressed uncertainty about AI's long-term societal impact and cautioned against unchecked development.

"I can't evaluate it, just like I couldn't judge testing the atomic bomb in WWII. We believed it was necessary and would save lives. However, Teller warned of potential catastrophic consequences, similar to Einstein's fears. We unleashed the genie, achieving the immediate goal, but the long-term effects remain unknown," stated Buffett.

While acknowledging AI's potential benefits, Buffett emphasised the need for careful consideration and regulations to mitigate risks and ensure positive outcomes.