Wajiha Ghayas is the owner of Spontiphoria in Jumeirah Image Credit: Supplied

Spontiphoria is a unique concept located in the heart of Jumeirah that combines a café, bakery and a boutique. We strongly believe in the warmth and joy that home-made sweets bring and the delicious goodies in our bakery are made in the exact same way we would have baked them in our kitchen at home! The rich and fresh flavors of our cakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, tray bakes, and other desserts all reflect our attention to detail and are reminiscent of the days when there was nothing as delicious as a good, home-made cake. Spontaneity and Euphoria are two words we can relate to when we prepare premium desserts for you using techniques and recipes passed down through generations.

Located at Wasl Square, close to Safa Park, Spontiphoria offers a welcoming space where you can enjoy coffee and cakes as well as host small events. A heaven for your taste buds, the café offers a whole range of vegan, dairy free, eggless, sugar free and nuts-free products. For those working from home, the café offers an alternative space to come and work here and spend time in its calm and cosy corners. The fresh smell of coffee and tantalizing smell of freshly baked cakes and cookies will boost your happiness levels.

With the weather getting better, Spontiphoria has upgraded its outdoor area for people to sit, enjoy a hot cup of coffee and relax. And while mothers take a break, kids can do their homework or you can play a game of chess on lazy mornings. Currently the café is hosting gingerbread house-making sessions for adults as well. So you can relive your childhood here and have lots of fun here. So next time you are looking for your favourite dessert place, visit the bakery-cum-café in this charming neighbourhood.

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