Scoop THAT!
The Scoop THAT! merchandise stocked by Flip19, which relies on body or room temperature to do its work. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: New players are making an appearance in the UAE's eretailing space. The latest is, which stocks up on "innovative" goods, both from a design and function perspective. The website includes products for homes and children, in addition to stationery, gadgets and toys. is currently home to brands like THAT! Inventions and kitchenware that combines aesthetics with functionality. The line up includes the Thaw THAT! and Scoop THAT! range, which uses room or body temperature to thaw meats and ice-cream.

“Our mission is to introduce people in the UAE to amazing products and brands, which either they hadn’t heard of or couldn’t have come across easily,” said Mariya Khilawala, founder of "As a family-run business, it is also important for us to only bring in products that we would feel safe introducing into our own homes.”

“We want to feed into people’s natural trait of curiosity with every product and purchase."