Lucid Saudi / Car
The Lucid Group has the track record of opening the first car manufacturing facility in saudi Arabia. Now, it's taking the next step to speed up adoption rates for EVs. Image Credit: Lucid

Dubai: The drive is on to create a sizeable electric vehicle charging network in Saudi Arabia, with the EV company  Lucid Group signing up with the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Company (EVIQ) to 'activate' high-speed public charging infrastructure in the Kingdom.

Lucid and EVIQ will jointly develop the network for Lucid customers, utilizing EVIQ’s stations to provide the fast-charging capabilities.

“The collaboration represents a significant step forward in addressing one of the key challenges hindering the mass adoption of EVs – access to convenient and reliable charging infrastructure,” said Faisal Sultan, Vice-President and Managing Director Middle East at Lucid.

"By combining Lucid's expertise in electric vehicle design, manufacturing, and sustainable mobility with EVIQ's extensive experience in developing and operating public charging networks, including fast-charging stations, the collaboration will serve to drive innovation and accelerate EV ownership in Saudi.”

The Lucid Air model is 'among the fastest charging vehicles on the market today'. Lucid is 'committed to providing an expanded ownership experience, making it easier than ever for people to buy and own the world’s best electric vehicle', said a statement.

Lucid's production facility - in the King Abdullah Economic City - assembles the Lucid Air, with an initial capacity for 5,000 units a year. Deliveries of Lucid Air are underway to customers in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

“Through this partnership with Lucid, we have taken another big step towards our goal of establishing a national network of fast-charging locations by 2030, to enable and encourage the use of EVs across Saudi Arabia," said Mohammad Bakr Gazzaz, CEO at EVIQ.