The Emirates Quality Mark is a certification given to products that comply with UAE, regional and international standards Image Credit: Supplied

The Emirates Quality Mark (EQM) has been making an appearance across the consumer goods and product categories in the UAE. But what exactly does it tell us about the product and what does it mean for consumers? GN Focus breaks it down.

What is EQM?

EQM is a form of certification given to products that comply with the UAE national standards, regional and international standards, and are manufactured by an organisation implementing a high-standard quality management system. When using a product with EQM, you can rest assured that it’s of a high quality and standard.

How does one get an EQM?

To get EQM certification the product and quality system used by a manufacturer 
in production has to be evaluated through a series of tests and inspections.

Who does this apply to?

It applies to people in the business sector and traders and manufacturers looking to sell products in the UAE.

How long does an EQM last for?

The Certificate of Conformity is issued after a review and evaluation of an application and is valid for a year. It can be renewed at least one month before end of validity.

What is the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology?

The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology is the only standardisation body in the UAE. It formulates and issues the national standards of the UAE, as well as adopting international standards.

Who has EQM?

Some companies and manufacturers who have been awarded EQM include Add-X Biotech AB, Falcon Pack, Al Ain Dairy, Samsung Home Appliances and Kenwood Kitchen Appliances, among others. Bottled water and related products are not permitted in the UAE market without EQM.

Why is EQM important?

The certification is important for businesses as it allows them to establish international standard guidelines for their products. It is important for consumers as they can be assured the product they are buying enjoys international-quality standards.