Dubai: At this point in time, there’s never been a greater need to keep things clean.

According to a recent study by Deloitte, people check their phones an average of 47 times a day, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity for microorganisms to move from your fingers to your phone and back.

Klenz has created a box shaped device, which sanitises your phone using UV rays, and also charges the devices simultaneously.

It’s also perfect for cleaning other everyday objects in the house, such as remote controls, make up brushes and eye masks, that pick-up millions of germs.

Place your item, whether it’s your phone, AirPopds and/or Apple Watch inside and press the button – the box will switch on and use the harmless UV rays to fully sanitise your products. The device ranges from Dh199 to Dh499 depending on capabilities and size.

Ultraviolet (UV) light, particularly the shortest wavelength, known as UVC, kills viruses by damaging their DNA, crippling their ability to make more copies of themselves. The UVC light can remove approximately 99 per cent contamination in the air and on surfaces. UV use is so revolutionary in fact, that hospitals around the world have begun sterilizing equipment and interiors to prevent the spread of germs.

Unlike other sanitisers, such as alcohol or bleach, UV sterilization disinfects objects without the use of liquids and therefore, does not harm your materials or leave any stains.

The brand was launched by a Dubai Expat, who also makes face masks and a contactless key ideal for opening doors and touching bank machines.