Lulu expands private label
Currently, there are more than 2,500 products under the LuLu private label. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UAE retail major LuLu Group launched its latest product ranges in collaboration with leading manufacturers in Abu Dhabi. The launch aims to strengthen the retailer’s own private label and underscore food security in the region.

During SIAL 2021, the region’s top food industry exhibition, LuLu signed MoUs and launched food products in association with the Abu Dhabi producer Elite Agro, Jordan-based food tech giant Nabil Foods and The Walt Disney Company.

Lulu expands private label
Image Credit: Supplied

“We are seeing robust growth for private label products in our stores across the region and we are investing heavily to further grow the range,” said Yussufali, Chairman and Managing Director of LuLu Group. “This also helps us support the food security initiatives of UAE.”

At the conference, the region’s first private labelled ‘LuLu’ branded fresh milk and dairy products were launched. Under the MoU, Nabeel will produce chicken nuggets, tempura, and seasoned snacks under ‘LuLu’ brand for sale across the region. LuLu also launched exclusively range of ready-to-eat frozen goods, pastas, and paper products with Walt Disney popular characters such as Avengers and Spiderman.