14K gold-plated bracelet with Christmas charms; Dh125; Available at www.joumichic.com Image Credit: Supplied

1. The jet-setting business dad

This guy spends more time on a plane and in unknown territories than he spends in his own home. Regardless, he is still your go-to man in times of trouble and triumph wherever he may be. He would appreciate M.F. Husain’s Horse, Ink on Paper piece of art — it will feed his penchant for all things cultural. And for a man who loves to make a statement, the mini folding bike is the real deal.

Mini folding bike; Dh4,311; Available at AGMC BMW showroom on Shaikh Zayed Road

M.F. Hussain’s Horse, Ink on Paper art piece; Dh17,000; Available at the Sovereign Art Gallery

2. The adorable family pet

The family pet is one of the few family members who will love you unconditionally until the end of time. They are indispensable and mean the entire world to you. Money is obviously not an option in this case, so go out and throw a few notes down on a Found My Animal collar or the Carolina Herrera horse saddle, even if they end up playing with the packaging more than the actual gifts — their happiness is non-negotiable.

Carolina Herrera horse saddle; Dh19,840; Available at Carolina Herrera

Found My Animal Collar; $60 (about Dh220); Available at Moda Operandi

3. The down-with-it Nana

She’s got more jewellery on her left hand than Mr T and is equipped with the latest smartphone with no idea of how to use it. Good ‘ol grandma can retell a story of grocery shopping with the wit and energy of Charles Dickens without the boring bits and chock-full of expletives. She would make the Charlotte Olympia clutch or the Vanina Never Mind earrings her own because she is just that hip.

Vanina Never Mind earrings; Dh375; Available at Bloomingdales

Charlotte Olympia clutch; Dh5,850; Available at Bloomingdales

4. The jazz-playing grandpa

This is the guy who takes the stage with a microphone on a quiet family night out and proceeds to embarrass everyone at the table with his 50s-style renditions of contemporary pop hits. He is cool and swinging. He would rock that funky chair from The Odd Piece and equally love the Mini Zipper earphones because he is always listening to Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra and contemporary jazz on his iPhone.

Mini Zipper earplugs; Dh179; Available at AGMC BMW showroom on Shaikh Zayed Road

Funky chair; Dh950; Available at The Odd Piece

5. The cringe worthy uncle

He spends more time singing to you with his lit cigarette while dancing recklessly to the Grease megamix imitating John Travolta and talking about how his 70s summer loving happened so fast. I bet you do not want him to tell you more. However, he does. So get him a Ridley’s dominoes set to keep him quiet and out of your hair. Or LG’s Smart Mobile Printer to help him print and frame his embarrassing moments for posterity.

Wild and Wolf Ridley’s Dominoes; Dh70; Available at Sauce

LG Smart Mobile Printer; Dh599; Available at all major retail stores

6. The Kardashian-wannabe sister

Her aspirations in life amount to being an airbrushed poster girl of a superficial mockumentory where her dream day is getting her nails done and dining at the Ritz, while the economy takes care of itself. Perhaps a pair of glamorous Le Silla heels from Bloomingdales would fit her image nicely. Or a Sofia Al Asfoor iPad Case perhaps?

Sofia Al Asfoor iPad case; Dh5,070; Available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Le Silla high heels; Dh5,000; Available at Bloomingdales

7. The how-are-we-related-again?

We all have one or two of these sorts that make us wonder why the average personality ranking of our families borders on crazy. This aunt of your mother’s sister who went to school with her brother’s uncle is a vital component of a family day regardless of whether this relative is actually a part of the family or not. So chuck a Body Shop Gingerbread Gift House their way. The ladies fragrances collection from Penhaligon works just as well.

Penhaligon’s ladies fragrances collection; Dh210; Available at Bloomingdale’s

Gingerbread Gift House; Dh99; Available at The Body Shop

8. The crazy aunt

She has more cats than the local pet shelter, less hair than Professor X from the X-Men and less teeth than a scarecrow. Unfortunately, she is family – at least that’s what your mother tells you. She will be visiting, so you better have something crazy enough to give her that matches her personality. Try the Molton Brown limited-edition frankincense candle; its scents are sure to tone down the crazy. The 14K gold-plated bracelet with Christmas charms quite literally works like a charm.

14K gold-plated bracelet with Christmas charms; Dh125; Available at www.joumichic.com

Limited-edition frankincense all spice candle; Dh216; Available at Molton Brown

9. The worrisome mother

She spends more time quibbling about the vegetables you have on your plate than she does her own sugar, blood pressure and pH levels. Your mother is the most caring and selfless person you will have to shop for this season, so make sure you spend an extra few hours making the right choice because she deserves to treat herself. And the Tiffany Mistletoe brooch or Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX10 lens-style camera does just that.

Tiffany mistletoe brooch; Price on request; Available at Tiffany & Co

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX10 lens-style camera; Dh799; Available at leading electronic retailers

10. The rebellious brother

This is the dude that everyone loves despite his tendencies to be never around come family time. And when he is, he has his earphones plugged in blasting Rage Against The Machine, offending grandma and starting food fights with the younger children. Being the lovable rogue that he is, you can’t help but enjoy his company, so say it with a CH Helmet. Or a B&O Play A9 Airplay wireless speaker that makes for an equally stylish acquisition.

Carolina Herrera helmet; Dh1,600; Available at Carolina Herrera

B&O Play A9 Airplay wireless speaker; Dh8,506; Available at Mr Porter.com