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From left: Shabbir N. Patel, Shadaab Shabbir Patel, Shehnaz S.Patel, Muskaan Shadaab Patel, Raiqa Shadaab Patel and Noor Mohammed S. Patel Image Credit: Supplied

The Oscar Group has been instrumental in complementing Dubai’s rich cityscape with some amazing buildings and structures. Highlight your current and future projects.

We are currently in talks to acquire two more prestigious projects in a premium neighbourhood in Dubai. While both buildings are towers, talks are in the initial stages, and more details will be shared once finalised. Presently, the Shadaab Noor tower is under construction and will be handed over to potential rental clients in 2022, in June. On offer will be best amenities and exceptional cross-ventilation, a swimming pool, clubhouse and more.

Family-run businesses are encouraged to expand and grow, thanks to the support structure that the UAE provides. Are there any challenges you faced over the past year due to the pandemic, how did you cross these hurdles?

The prime reason for Oscar Group to sustain our operations during the pandemic was that we never indulged in over trading, we ensured timely delivery as per our schedule. Many people and major companies suffered setbacks during this time, but due to the stringent business principles of my father, Shabbir N Patel, which we all follow religiously, our business is being successfully run through the joint efforts of the entire family including my father, as well as Shehnaz Patel, Shadaab Shabbir Patel, Muskaan, Neymat, Raiqa and Noor Mohammed.

The construction sector in the UAE is expecting a boom in the next couple of years. How do you envision growth for your brand in a post-Covid world?

There is significant growth in the UAE thanks to its policies, as well as the ease in processing requisitions, and the amazing events the nation is hosting such as Expo 2020 and IPL. On the path to escalate business opportunities while also contributing towards UAE GDP and creating new jobs, the Oscar Group has today emerged as a major player in the UAE real estate market.