Dubai : The observation deck in the Burj Khalifa was rushed by visitors in the days following the opening on Tuesday, resulting in a sell-out of tickets.

Yesterday, walk-in sightseers had to be asked to buy tickets in advance for the next available slots in the coming days, causing disappointment for short-stay tourists and residents alike. Some complained they would have to stand two hours in the queue just to purchase a ticket for a slot in one week.

Tickets for the tour to the top are sold for 30-minute intervals for specific days. The walk-in ticket price is Dh100 for adults, Dh75 for children up to 12 years and free for children under 3 years.

Up to 28 people can travel to the top in the two high-speed double-decker elevator cabins at the same time, meaning that around 670 people can visit the observation deck daily during its 12-hour operation on weekdays and around 780 on weekends when the deck opens 14 hours daily.

For those who simply cannot wait, the Burj management has introduced an option for an express ticket to bypass the crowds.

As per the initial announcement, those tickets were priced at Dh210 and now are costing Dh400. The announced online ticket booking on the tower's website was not yet active at the time of going to press.