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Get ready for some shades of grey in your home

Colours and textures that are trending this season

  • Grey is the perfect colour to make interiors a bit more sophisticatedImage Credit: Supplied
  • A rich velvet fabric is a perfect way to add textureImage Credit: Supplied
  • Every masterpiece in your house can be replaced with a plant of some sortImage Credit: Supplied
  • Statement lighting is great way to showcase your own personal styleImage Credit: Supplied
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It is now officially the end of summer, which means we can say goodbye to those hot days and humid nights. The weather is almost perfect and it’s now time to start thinking about preparing our homes for the coming seasons and there are some exciting trends to look out for this winter.

Shades of grey

Silvered branches, wisps of wood smoke and a frosty window pane… this year’s neutrals come in the form of a palette of winter-morning greys. Grey is my favourite go-to neutral and something that will continue to be stylish throughout the season and beyond. With so many tones of grey, it’s the perfect colour to make your interior design a bit more sophisticated. If you prefer a richer colour scheme for winter, look out for midnight blue, indigo and ink colours, for a bit of magic in your decor.


Now if dark colours are not for you, try smoky grey with the new millennial pink, another of this season’s big trend which moves towards bright and strong shades.

Usage: Curtains, carpets, rugs and cushions; necessary accessories around the house to give it a feel of sophistication and warmth. Or use grey on your walls, make your living room pop with a shade of grey.


Velvet has been slowly making its way into autumn and it’s definably here to stay in winter. Super soft to touch and so luxurious, velvet is a welcome trend. The sumptuous fabric with its short dense pile and elegant finish gives all colours a vibrant feel, and if you don’t want to invest in a new sofa, opt for some plain velvet cushions or throw in pretty tones instead. A rich velvet fabric is a perfect way to add texture while also having the option to make a real statement and demonstrate your personal style. Choose from colours that are warm and welcoming such as burnt oranges, deep cranberry or soft chestnut.


Usage: Get a little adventurous and decorate your living room with velvet couches, or maybe even dress up your dining table with different colours of velvet chairs. Give your house a personality of its own.

Bring the outdoors in

While we tend to associate floral with spring/summer trends, flowers and greenery add a touch of warmth and character to your home all year round. Whether you choose to add seasonal flowers or create a festive atmosphere using deep reds, ivy and holly, there is no reason why you can’t keep your home flourishing with living things throughout the year. Nature-inspired hues are all the rage and what’s more perfect than a rich emerald green — I am absolutely loving this colour right now and can’t get enough.


For a dramatic look opt for a deep shade, or if you prefer a more serene space then choose a hue a few tones lighter. It’s a luxurious colour that looks great teamed with blush pinks and copper accessories. Think beautiful organic ceramics, jute rugs, woven lampshades and linen tablecloths and you’ll be spot on with this look. This trend is all about natural elements being used together.

Usage: Add all sorts of plants in your home! Every masterpiece in your house can be replaced with a plant of some sort. There are long branched plants that would make great side pieces for your TV room and flourishing pot plants that give your bathroom a royal feel.

Statement lighting

The most important element in a home and well all around us is, yes, lighting! Theatrical light fixtures are on everyone’s wish list as people wave goodbye to natural light and embrace a moodier climate... Aside from being functional, it brings a space together and creates the desired atmosphere. Statement lighting fixtures are really on trend right now, and are great way to showcase your own personal style.


Floor lamps in abstract shapes are always a talking point, or consider bedside lamps with an unusual dimension, like a velvet finish also a key trend to look out for.

Usage: Now imagine you walk into your home, and the first thing you see is a cube-shaped chandelier hanging from your ceiling, now imagine the calmness you’ll feel when the light coming out of that cube is a brown hue; embrace the different shades and use them where suited.

Floral wallpaper

For winter this year I can see prints back with a vengeance, not small designs, but beautiful, big prints in pretty tones of blush, dove grey, and emerald. People want their homes to feel truly unique and special. Wallpaper adds personality, colour and textures to a room and with such a wonderful range of innovative and inspiring designs available wallpaper offers drama and impact, a great way to transform interiors and reflect personal style — like a new form of artwork.

Usage: Pair your dramatically designed floral wallpaper with your velvet couch, and viola you now have a living room space suited for a royalty. Also, it would make your little princess room’s a little more charming and vibrant.

Brass takes over

Copper and rose gold have undoubtedly reigned as everybody’s metallics of choice in the home for the past couple of years now, but for the new winter season they are set to be dethroned by a new contender. Brass looks set to dominate for the remainder of the year and is being combined with natural and clean materials such as marble in kitchens and baths to create a cool, industrial aesthetic. At least we still have shine that sparkles for Christmas.

Usage: Brass kitchen counters, brass chair legs, brass coffee tables, brass mirror frames, even brass tile decorations. Basically, brass goes anywhere and everywhere and is simply trendy.

Chunky textures

Well there’s nothing that transforms a room quite like a knitted throw. Coming into winter always! I love adding luxurious textures to my furnishings. Knitted poufs, fluffy cushions or chunky blankets are fantastic ways to add a bit of texture, and are also practical for when the chillier evenings draw in. A knitted or faux fur throw draped over a leather chair can really add a feeling of warmth to a room.


The writer

Sharon Jutla is a designer, entrepreneur, influencer and educator. Her projects in the UAE include Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Library, Hard Rock Hotel, Dubai and TDIC Saadiyat Cultural District Abu Dhabi. The views expressed here are her own.

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