Karim Al Sherrif
Egyptian, works in retail
Lives in: 1-bedroom
Area: Dubai Slilicon Oasis
Rent: Dh53,000 per annum

“My sister and I live in a one-bedroom apartment and we have already asked our landlord for a reduction but he refused and said he would do something about it when the contract ends in July. The same apartment we are paying for is Dh10,000 cheaper and the apartments in the same area they are even lower in Dubai Silicon. We asked for the reduction a month ago. It depends on the market if it says the same as of now then yes. Newcomers are getting it Dh10,000 cheaper. We have lived in the building for the last three years. The prices have been the same since we began. We have one-bedroom apartment. We will have to look for another apartment in the same area if he doesn’t give us a reduction next year.”

Francy Joy
Filipino, Admin assistant
Lives in: 2-bedroom
Area: Karama

I will be renewing on January 15 and I’m planning to ask for a reduction. I have been living in the same building in Karama for almost five years. It’s a two-bedroom apartment. I decided to ask for a reduction because we are already in our fifth year going to our sixth. I’m hoping the landlord will agree to our request because we have seen rent prices falling in many areas. If there is no reduction, then at least the price should be the same and should not increase, but I do not plan to move out because we are comfortable in this area. I’m not sure if new tenants are renting for lower than us. I know that the rent in our area is high because we are in front of Zaabeel Park which is somehow considered a strategic area.


Nawfy Alawudeen, 37
Sri Lankan
Lives in: 1-bedroom
Area: Elektra Street, Abu Dhabi
Rent: Dh53,000 per annum

“For the last four years, there has been no reduction in my rent; I am paying Dh53,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. I requested my landlord to reduce the rent but he is not ready to do it even as rents in other parts of the city have gone down. So I told him that if he doesn’t, I will move out. I am looking for another apartment. Our business dropped up to 50 per cent and the cost of living is going up. I don’t know how to I will manage.”

Riyas Ahmad Poolakkal, 36
Indian, pharmacist 
Lives: 1-bedroom
Area: Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi
Rent: Dh45,000 pe annum

“My rent has been the same for almost two years, I am paying Dh45,000 a year for a one-bedroom apartment. But the cost of utilities [water and electricity] has gone up. I am planning to move out next year to a bigger one-bedroom apartment in Mohammad Bin Zayed City as my wife and children will be joining me here from India. I will be paying Dh3,500 a month for the new place, which will include the water and electricity bills.

I didn’t have any trouble finding the right kind of apartment for the right price. Mohammad Bin Zayed City is an ideal location for my family, because there are many schools in the area, and this will help save some money on school transportation. The parking facilities are also good in the area.” 


Wilson Inasu 56
Indian, works for a PR firm
Lives in: Studio apartment
Area: Al Taawun, Sharjah

“I renewed my tenancy contract recently for the same rent amount. For two- or three-bedroom apartments, I see a decline in rents this year. But studio and one-bedroom flats, which are in demand, will remain the same. Landlords know that there are more people seeking one-bedroom and studio flats and there is no room for negotiation here.”