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MT4 helped bring Forex markets to ordinary people back in 2005 and has since established itself as one of the single most popular and powerful Forex trading platforms in the world.

MT4 was developed by MetaQuotes Software, which started in 2002, initially developed the program as a way to provide access to Forex markets for traders. Over the last 15 years, MT4 has become a dominant platform in the industry.

95 per cent of all online brokers offer MT4 in conjunction with their own platforms including global online trading leaders like Olymp Trade. There are several reasons for MT4’s popularity with traders from every background and region in the world, but here are some of the most impressive.

Professional tools and charts

No investor wants to trade at a disadvantage against the field. It doesn’t matter whether you are trading millions of dollars or only hundreds, MT4 provides traders with everything they need to profit off the Forex markets.

MT4 is loaded with over 50 technical indicators, customizable charts, and multiple chart viewing making it easy to apply common and unique trading strategies while engaging the platform.

Additionally, money management tools and features such as the use of Expert Advisors (EAs), which allow traders to copy the trades of industry professionals at levels they are comfortable with reduces the stress and potential mistakes many traders incur.

MT4’s open scripting has allowed some of the most innovative and successful traders and groups to develop these EAs for use on the platform and investors can choose from the large group of them available on MT4.

MT4 also employs an easily managed leverage system allowing traders to ramp up their investment levels and their profits while limiting their exposure and risk.

Flexible and fast

Perhaps the most significant reason for MT4’s success is its flexibility and speed. Traders can execute trades with a single click or even no clicks if they copy trades. Ease of use is imperative for many traders today as they have other matters to attend to.

Adding to the flexibility is MT4’s fully functional mobile applications that are perfectly designed and suited for the never ending stream of new mobile devices available for purchase. Traders have access to Forex markets the world over from nearly anywhere 24 hours a day during the week.

MT4’s mobile phone alerts also provide traders with breaking and up to date information since many investors don’t have the time or inclination to sit around in front of their desktops all day. Traders who are on the go won’t miss out on important details.

Consistent performance

The open scripting ability of MT4 allows for quick adjustments to be made to accommodate the rapidly changing technology of today. It is so flexible that the overall design of MT4 has been around for 15 years and brokers, analysts, and traders still prefer it over other platforms including MetaTrader 5, which was released in 2009.

Oddly enough, with everything that MT4 has to offer and how it has developed over the years, it remains less taxing on your computer’s or mobile phone’s resources. In fact, multiple MT4 displays with different accounts or brokers can be open simultaneously without any fear of crashing your system.

When you combine the experience and performance of MT4 over 15 years with the plethora of professional tools, automated trading options, hassle-free access day and night, and intuitive interface, it is easy to see why it has become the gold standard in Forex trading.

Whether you’re a novice or expert trader, MT4 clearly offers everything you need for successful Forex trading in today’s world.