Nynas supplies around 800,000 Mt of specialty oils globally Image Credit: Supplied

How does the Nynas product portfolio touch lives here in the UAE?

Nynas produces and supplies long-lasting, high-performance specialty products for sustainable use. Nynas products support growth in infrastructure and touch our lives on a daily basis, through their presence on roads, roofs, running shoes, adhesives, rubber, paint, magazines, electricity and automotive lubricants, just some of the thousands of everyday objects and applications containing Nynas oils.

2. Nynas is a global manufacturer and supplier of naphthenic oils. What makes the brand intrinsically Swedish?

The Nynas story dates back 90 years. In 1920 visionary industrialist Axel Axelsson Johnson recognised the demand for car ownership and fuel imports in Swede n and identified the need to build a refinery. The first refinery was completed in 1928 in Nynashamn, giving rise to the name Nynas. Following this, another refinery was established in Gothenburg during 1956. With strong Swedish roots and culture forming its foundation, over many years Nynas gradually expanded its production and storage facilities across the globe, making it a truly international company.

As a country, Sweden is known for sustainability and innovation, health and safety and human rights, along with special care and attention placed on the environment. In addition, Nynas is keen to share its knowledge - acquired during many years in the industry - with its customers and government organisations. With its headquarters located in Stockholm, our brand is built on all these values, which makes us intrinsically Swedish.

3. Please elaborate on Nynas’ scale of operations globally and here in the Middle East.

Nynas supplies around 800,000 Mt of specialty oils globally. It’s critical that our customers receive the product they need, when they need it, and Nynas operates a supply network which spans the world, offering customers prompt and reliable deliveries, regardless of their location.

Securing the future and creating value is how we characterise our sustainable development ambition, which is closely linked to the Nynas vision.

- Karuna Sadasivam, General Manager, Nynas Middle East

Nynas has just over 1,000 employees, with sales offices in more than 30 countries. Its Middle East office, based in Dubai, serves 14 countries in the region and covers all segments of naphthenic specialty oil in which Nynas is active (base oils, process oils, transformer oils, and tyre and rubber oils).

As the global market leader in naphthenic specialty oils, Nynas offers high-quality sourcing and manufacturing, producing a wide range of oils that can lubricate, dissolve, or insulate and cool in countless applications. Our oils are highly refined and comply with stringent environmental requirements, contributing to a longer service life and enhanced environmental performance for end users.

4. Please share your plans for expansion here in the Middle East.

As we speak, Nynas is launching NYTRO BIO 300X, a new biodegradable and renewable transformer oil with superior performance. It is a unique combination which specifically offers a solution to address the challenge of keeping transformers cool in the hot climate of the Middle East. Moreover, we are planning to further expand our storage network with our partners in the Middle East during the coming years.

5. Swedish brands pride themselves on offering sustainable solutions. How does Nynas interpret sustainability through its products and operations?

Developing a sustainable environment and infrastructure was one of the top priorities of the Dubai Government, emphasised in Expo 2020. In line with the vision of Dubai, Nynas focuses on producing high-quality products which last for a long time and enhance performance in their use phase, contributing further on in the value chain and helping our customers to achieve their sustainability goals. This is already the case with our existing products, and even more evident with our new bio-based product range. Our production and operations place a high focus on HSE, reduction of carbon footprint, renewable and eco-friendly processes. Our motto is: To use the oil and not burn it.

“Securing the future and creating value” is how we characterise our sustainable development ambition, which is closely linked to the Nynas vision. We are continuously working to improve the functionality of our specialty oils and bitumen, to support our customers in their sustainability efforts towards longer life, improved energy efficiency and recyclability.