An artist’s impression of the aerial views of the Nomad Image Credit: Al Ahli Holding

Dubai: Dubai’s next hotspot for entrepreneurs and new media start-ups will take up 1 million square feet on a plot off the Al Ain highway. Apart from flexible office spaces, the “Nomad”, as it is known, will have studios and areas dedicated for gaming and technology, arts and design, and culinary arts. The destination will also be host to “one the largest 3D printing facilities globally”.

It is being developed by Al Ahli Holdings, whose portfolio includes the Dubai Outlet Mall. “Nomad will make it entirely feasible for local people and those from outside the UAE with fantastic business ideas and talent to put down roots here and see their company grow,” said Mohammad Khammas, CEO.

The project’s infrastructure will be developed over a two-year period, with the first phase launching at the end of this year, comprising a hub for co-working and studio resources along with a co-housing community. The second phase, accommodating larger facilities and a community, will launch at the end of 2019. The co-living arrangements will be subsidised. Operating costs will be significantly reduced, thereby attracting more representation from the international business community, according to the developer.

“This has particular relevance for people who appreciate the UAE as ideal in which to work and live, but for whom the costs inherent in doing so, are a vital consideration. It will enable SMEs and talented start-ups, from home and abroad, to develop and nurture their businesses supported by a business and legal framework.”

According to Noora Khammas, Chief Executive Architect, Al Ahli Holding Group, “The hassle and obstacles inherent in setting up a business and running it during the early years are taken away, while opportunities that would not normally be available, such as reduction in operational costs or access to specific niche markets, are automatically provided. That is a big deal because in the normal run of business, that process can take many years, hindering progress and dampening aspiration.”