Nitesh and Ankit Gupta Image Credit: Supplied

In the heart of Dubai’s corporate landscape, the Gupta brothers, Nitesh and Ankit, architects of the Metworld Group, continue to script an unparalleled success story across a myriad of sectors. With a legacy as third-generation entrepreneurs, they have propelled the conglomerate to unprecedented heights, establishing a formidable presence in trading, manufacturing, and expanding into burgeoning domains like hospitality, media, and mining.

Boasting nearly two decades of unwavering commitment to business excellence, the Gupta brothers are not merely the captains of industry but stewards of societal well-being. Their advocacy for health, fitness, and holistic wellness manifests in their latest venture, Genie Kids.

Genie Kids aims to counteract the pervasive influence of gadgets on young minds, rectifying the delicate balance between technology and well-rounded childhood development.

Not just that − breaking new ground in the gaming industry, Nitesh and Ankit unveil 7D Limitless, a gaming platform crafted in collaboration with neuroscientists. This revolutionary initiative leverages neuroscience to address stress-induced conditions such as anxiety, depression, and type 2 diabetes, providing players with an immersive yet therapeutic gaming experience.

Metworld’s corporate philosophy transcends profit-driven motives, placing sustainability and well-being at its core. The Gupta brothers are huge advocates of self-care and they manifest this ethos through Lux Maison, a boutique concept accessible on

Functioning as a haven for natural well-being techniques, Lux Maison promotes simple yet effective health practices like breathwork and stretching. Lux Maison believes that nature equips us with the tools to navigate the demands of modern life.

Nitesh and Ankit Gupta epitomise the fusion of innovation and social responsibility. Their ventures not only fuel Metworld’s growth but also empower individuals to find equilibrium in today’s fast-paced world, championing a holistic and sustainable approach to life.

As their initiatives unfold, it becomes evident that the Gupta brothers are not merely entrepreneurs; they are visionaries shaping a future where innovation and social impact go hand in hand for the greater good.