Mona Al Hebsi, Human Resources Manager, Hyatt Image Credit: Supplied

Farah Mehdi

Senior Executive — Social Media, Omnicom Media Group

With the company for three years

Even though it’s a big company, I don’t feel like a cog in the wheel. I believe that the management has my best interests at heart. There is a long-term vision for my progression and they provide plenty of opportunities for growth. The atmosphere is friendly and inclusive. The thoughtfulness of the company comes through small things, such as the free gym classes or the apples for us to snack on. We have a restaurant in the building. Not only do we have a range of foods to choose from, including a subsidised healthy meal, they also deliver drinks and snacks to our desks. We have a marathon training team and we train regularly to take part in the event. It’s hugely stimulating and I’m very proud of our collective achievements. Mobility within the group is excellent. Openings are shared and awarded on merit, so careers can take interesting turns. People can move across departments and function with great results. The positive attitude goes beyond the building as we have an impressive CSR programme and I’m very proud to be able to contribute to some of the activities. I will be climbing Kilimanjaro for charity in a few weeks with a group of colleagues.


Joriza Balbarona

Unit Manager (Oasis Centre and Mercato Mall), Fun City

With the company for seven years

At Fun City, I have never had a dull moment and have had the opportunity to grow year-on-year.

The appreciation from my senior management and their faith in me have been tremendous. I wish to pass the same atmosphere of encouragement and opportunity to my team members. This culture of fairness and opportunity is vital to why Fun City is a great place for me to work in.

I have the liberty to manage operations of my centres. This makes me feel empowered to innovate and ideate; and many of my ideas are implemented across

all stores.

The company’s humane persona makes it possible for me to manage my family commitments without compromising on delivery at work. The working hours and flexible shifts at Fun City are a boon to all working women.


Hind Eisa Salim

Vice-President — Unit Manager, Mashreq

With the company for 12 years

It’s a very dynamic organisation with a can-do attitude displayed in every individual. It promotes an environment that is rewarding for hard working and talented employees. The bank has built a reputation for itself as the school of banking in the country. Learning something new every day is important in a workplace and Mashreq offers that to every employee — I couldn’t be more proud to work for such an organisation. Access to supportive leadership, trust, empowerment and interaction with highly professional and fun-to-be-around people on a daily basis are what motivates me to come to work every day.


Brian D’Souza

Chief Concierge, Marriott Hotel

Al Jaddaf, Dubai

With the company for 18 years

At the Marriott, the comfort of our guest is the top most priority. It is this inherent sense of hospitality that is ingrained in the company, which makes this a great place to be a hotel chief concierge. The pace is gruelling and hectic and that is what I love the most about my job profile. The fact that there is no set routine is what makes it so challenging. The group’s new and trendy approach as a brand seamlessly blends work and play in a mobile and global world. And finally what makes this a great place are the people I work with who inspire, motivate and support me.


Mona Al Hebsi

Human Resources Manager, Hyatt

With the company for two years

Hyatt never makes me feel like I am working as every single day presents a new and diverse experience where I can learn, grow and mature. The best thing is that all my colleagues live and breathe this culture daily. We assist one another in achieving our goals.

Each person I interact with, be it a colleague, guest or supplier inspires me with the passion of service I have developed with Hyatt. The organisation offers the perfect combination between work and fun. Employees enjoy being at work because of the full spectrum of social, community and sports events organised for all associates.


Sangya Gurung

Senior Sales Consultant, THE One Fusion, Dubai

With the company for six years

The fact that THE One’s core purpose is to change the world through ethical sourcing, challenged employees and local volunteering gives me the opportunity to make a difference every day. I am lucky to be a part of it. THE One has empowered me and I have benefited from the training sessions that have boosted my confidence to move up within the company. I have been provided with support and can say that THE One has guided me on a successful career path. Benefits such as medical insurance being extended to our family is incredible. We get 40 per cent staff discount — that’s exceptional.


Dhanya Issac

Senior Account Manager, Weber Shandwick

With the company for nine years

The workplace flexibility that Weber Shandwick offers is one of the key reasons that make it a great place to work for. I’m more productive and engaged in my work when I’m able to strike a balance between the demands of work and other aspects of my life. Weber Shandwick allows me to do that.

The office interiors lend a great vibe contributing to the fun mood of the employees. It is an open and creative environment and has been my school of learning.

I work with some incredible people who I look up to, have some good friends here and always feel recognised for my work. This place offers a great sense of security. When you know that you are allowed to make your share of mistakes as part of your continuous learning and progress in the company, you feel unthreatened. This encourages you to deliver great work with aplomb. The management believes in empowering employees and not in pulling them down.


Fredy Issa

Business Development Manager — Big Data, Gulf & Pakistan, EMC

With the company for two years

There’s a strong connection between the management and their teams in the field and they’ve constantly proven to have a great understanding of what challenges we might face on a day-to-day basis and subsequently provided great guidance and support.

Another important factor in making EMC a great place to work is the opportunity provided to all who want to grow within the organisation; outstanding performance is constantly rewarded and never forgotten. I love the fact that there’s a strong sense of diversity in the company, people from different backgrounds are drawn to it and help it grow.

People are driven and there’s a sense that everyone is aiming higher and higher, which, in turn, helps foster a strong work ethic. And finally the management ensures that team building is fun and enjoyable while reinforcing the core fundamentals of teamwork.