Professor Piotr Glinski, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, and Minister of Culture and National Heritage, is seen during an exclusive interview with Gulf News during the Poland National Day reception at Abu Dhabi Inter-continental Hotel on Thursday evening. Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: The ties between the UAE and Poland are strong and developing, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland told Gulf News in an exclusive interview.

“The ties between the two countries are much closer and there is a chance to develop it further. The UAE is a gate to the Arabic world and we can be the gate to Europe for the Arabic world. We are ready to cooperate in culture, tourism and economy to further strengthen our relationship,” said Professor Piotr Glinski.

“We surpassed one billion dollars of economic exchange already and during the last half year almost 70,000 people from both sides visited our countries. We have four direct flight connections between Poland and the UAE and the last one opened in the beginning of April. The ties are closer,” he added.

 The UAE is a gate to the Arabic world and we can be the gate to Europe for the Arabic world. We are ready to cooperate in culture, tourism and economy to further strengthen our relationship.”

 - Professor Piotr Glinski | Deputy Prime Minister of Poland  

Professor Glinski who is also the minister of culture and national heritage was on a two-day visit to the UAE last week.

He also said about 100 Polish companies are active in the UAE and Poland is looking at foreign investment from different countries including the UAE to boost its economy.

the approximate number of Polish firms active in UAE

“We are constructing a communication hub in central Poland with an international airport, new railway lines and highways. The cost of the project is $10 billion and will be built in ten years’ time in different phases. The financing will be partly based on our own resources, partly with the private sector and foreign companies. There are opportunities for UAE companies to invest in the project.”

Speaking on the Polish economy, he said it grew by 4.6 per cent in 2017 and is expected to grow by 4.5 per cent this year.

“It’s not bad considering the European conditions. We lowered taxes for small and medium enterprises to stimulate economy and look forward positively in our future.”

what Poland’s economy grew by last year

On the impact of Brexit on polish economy, he said it will not have a much impact as the process is too long and the country will adjust to any changes that take place due to the development.

“We supported our British friends to stay in the European Union as an independent country, but they decided in the opposite direction. We have very good bilateral relations with Great Britain so I think it will survive. The economic and commercial relations will be good.”

He also said Poland is for united Euro but as a federation of independent states but not as one European state due to many reasons including economic reasons and cultural reasons.

project cost of communication hub in Poland

“We are for very close cooperation and support all the principles of European Union like freedom of exchange, freedom of trade, but we don’t think that one united country will be a good solution as there are too many discrepancies. There is no need to make something in an artificial way to force people to feel themselves suppressed by some ideas.”

When asked about protectionist policies of the US government and how it would impact on the economies across the globe, he said every country had a right to protect their interests through bargaining.

“It is normal as every powerful economy wants to defend themselves, European Union to some extent, China and the US, of course. It is a constant process of bargaining about who protects better his or her own interests. I am rather optimistic.”

“The most important thing is to seize those who are aggressive on the planet and those who are not looking for natural sources of development but are looking to shorten the way for their well-being through wars and aggression, those who are much more devoted to ideologies,” he said without referring to any particular country.