Saudi Arabia is set to host 11th World Water Forum in 2027 Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has emerged as a global leader in doubling its desalinated water production, demonstrating its steadfast commitment to meeting daily water demands, according to Abdulrahman Al Fadley, the Saudi minister of environment, water, and agriculture.

Al Fadley highlighted the country’s impressive progress in expanding strategic storage capacities and extending water transmission lines. Additionally, he emphasised significant advancements in waste water treatment and reuse for agriculture and industry, which reduce reliance on non-renewable groundwater and advance integrated water resources management goals.

Speaking at the 3rd High-Level International Conference on ‘Water for Sustainable Development 2018-2028’ in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Al Fadley underscored Saudi Arabia’s ongoing efforts to enhance water sustainability.

He also highlighted the government’s dedication to reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in seawater desalination operations. “In 2018, the government launched the National Water Strategy and achieved global leadership in the desalination system by setting nine Guinness World Records in production, transportation, and strategic storage,” the minister said.

In 2023, Saudi Arabia reached a significant milestone in water security by increasing its daily water production capacity to 11.5 million cubic meters, establishing itself as the world’s leading producer of desalinated water.

At the 10th World Water Forum in Bali, Abdullah Al Zuwaid of the Saudi Water Authority announced the country’s ambition to reach a desalinated water capacity of 13.3 million cubic meters per day by the end of 2024. This expansion will be facilitated by 43 desalination plants using eco-friendly technology and renewable energy sources.

In September 2023, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the establishment of a Global Water Organisation headquartered in Riyadh, aiming to coordinate global efforts in ensuring water sustainability. Al Fadley reaffirmed the Kingdom’s commitment to enhancing its global role in addressing sustainable development challenges, with over $6 billion allocated to various countries worldwide.

Al Fadley expressed optimism that outcomes from the conference would support the objectives of the 11th World Water Forum, which Saudi Arabia is set to host in 2027 under the theme ‘Action for a Better Future’.