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With cooler temperatures in the Emirates, Homes r Us has a complete range of home furniture and décor to help customers welcome the season of gathering. The line of living, bedroom, dining, and accessories enables customers to host gatherings with friends and family – from indoor game nights to outdoor barbecues. As the season of festivities approaches, the collection offers customers the perfect opportunity to give their homes a trendy makeover for the new season.

As the world gets more technology aligned, and stressful in most aspects of life, reconnecting with nature becomes an important way to improve mental wellness, performance, and health. Incorporating natural elements in the home like living walls, house plants, and open spaces for natural light to enter are the key ways to bring the outside in, while living in a big city. Homes r Us offers a range of options for customers to adopt the trend and enjoy a piece of the natural world at home.

The collection is sure to add delight to every home. The trend-led pieces are perfect for bringing people together. Combining high quality and design, all Homes r Us products can be enjoyed for years.

With this collection, Homes r Us gives customers the opportunity to design in a way that’s perfect for every family and make lasting memories.

The collection is available in-store at Homes r Us branches across the UAE and online on