Martin G. Pedersen
Martin G. Pedersen Image Credit: Supplied

The pandemic has transformed industries forever. In this situation, how does IFZA support start-ups and SMEs to get their businesses off the ground in Dubai?

As one of the most dynamic free zones in the UAE, IFZA has leveraged our strategic location in Dubai and combined it with the highest levels of competence, customer-oriented service and regulatory knowledge. Together with our thousands of IFZA authorised partners and consultants, we create a dynamic synergy of services and expertise that are at the core of a supportive ecosystem where SMEs are motivated to create and inspired to succeed.

What makes IFZA unique in terms of location, incentives and services?

IFZA’s strategic location at the Silicon Oasis places us at a prime position in Dubai’s emerging centre for knowledge and innovation.

Inside the IFZA Business Park, entrepreneurs can benefit from a modern range of office and warehousing solutions, complemented by value-added amenities and services that encourage holistic growth within the context of a business-focused community.

As the only UAE free zone that works solely through a vast network of authorised partners from around the world, entrepreneurs can avail of a range of IFZA services even without coming to Dubai. Furthermore, IFZA differentiates itself through its customer-focused approach in providing flexible solutions and simplified processes.

Could you share some details on the launch of the IFZA Business Park?

The IFZA Business Park is part of a 150,000 square metre smart city complex that offers companies state-of-the-art office solutions and more.

While the Business Park offers a wide range of on-demand and dedicated office solutions and warehousing facilities, we designed it to be more than a place to do business.

We envision it to be an inspiring community where businesses and people find inspiration to build their ambitions through our wider IFZA ecosystem of amenities and services that offers support from A to Z.

The UAE has more than 40 free zones. How does IFZA maintain its edge over other free zones?

IFZA aims to play a significant role in Dubai’s future economy. Together with our professional partners, we attract entrepreneurial talent to the city and promote its advantages and ease of doing business in a safe legal framework.

We are known for our relentless striving for excellence in everything we do and the key to our continuing success lies in our commitment to providing exceptional products and services, quick and transparent licensing and visa processes through competent and professional people.

What does innovation mean to your organisation? How is IFZA constantly evolving and adapting to new market trends to move into a new phase of growth?

IFZA exists in an environment of constant progress. We think ahead of the times and mobilise behind the scenes to ensure that our partners and licensees are provided with the right foundations to succeed, at the right time through a dynamic ecosystem that looks at the entrepreneur’s needs holistically.

As people and the business communities evolve, so will IFZA.

Going forward, what are your plans to attract more investments to Dubai and the UAE?

Attracting foreign direct investments (FDI) into the UAE is on top of our agenda. We have a strong team of internationally located professional partners, who are experts in their target markets. Building trust and understanding from people who speak their language and understand their culture is one of the most powerful tools why entrepreneurs choose IFZA.