Guide lead
Mahdi Mohammed, Founder and CEO, Guide Consultants Image Credit: Supplied

The idea for Guide Consultants was born over a decade ago, when its CEO and founder, Mahdi Mohammed, observed the movement constraints faced by individuals looking to live and work globally. To this day, entry and residency restrictions targeting foreigners continue to compromise the lifestyles and livelihoods of those financially and personally dependent on international travel.

He realized that the lives of so many could be improved through obtaining a second citizenship or residency in another country — one that offered visa-free access and increased travel mobility to other destinations around the world, in addition to a host of other security, economic, and personal benefits.

In 2016, after years of research and countless trips taken to learn about the subject first-hand, Mahdi founded Guide Consultants, with the goal of helping people navigate the complex world of economic citizenship and residency.

Since then, Guide Consultants has spent over five years helping countless clients achieve citizenship and residency through investment, and in doing so, positively contributing to the development of participating Caribbean countries and the economies of other nations around the world.

A leading CBI agent, Guide Consultants’ high rate of customer satisfaction lies in its individualised approach to each client, and its commitment to anti-corruption and transparency. Unlike some in the industry, Guide Consultants does not have an agenda when it comes to helping its clients choose among various CBI programmes. Guide Consultants always puts the client first. Perhaps this is why Guide Consultants generates such positive feedback from clients, with whom it maintains long-standing relationships that endure throughout the application stage and well beyond.

Guide Consultants’ commitment to helping its clients with post-service requirements is a large part of why they so consistently recommend them to their friends and family. Five years after their journey began, Guide Consultants continues to be motivated by the deep responsibility and privilege of helping investors find safety, security, and freedom through second citizenship and residency.