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"Free zone sector helps build a dynamic economy”

Martin G. Pedersen, Chairman, IFZA

Martin G. Pedersen

Earlier this year, Dubai launched an ambitious plan to double the size of the economy with a target of reaching Dh32 trillion ($8.71 trillion) by 2033. How could free zones play a role in driving Dubai’s economy?

Free zones have been an integral contributor to the growth of Dubai. Being the first emirate in the UAE to pioneer the free zone model, Dubai’s free zone sector developed from a single entity in 1985 to more than 20 jurisdictions that presently provide over Dh167 billion in economic value and an expected increase to about Dh250 billion by 2030.

Dubai’s free zones play a critical role in consolidating the UAE’s position as a preferred investment destination across a spectrum of industries and specialisations. In doing so, our sector helps build a dynamic economy that can achieve sustainability, accelerate growth, and transform challenges into opportunities.

As one of the leading free zones in Dubai, how does IFZA support SME investors?

SMEs make up a significant portion of the UAE economy. They account for 94 per cent of the businesses currently operating in the country, underscoring their crucial role as the backbone of the nation’s economic activity. IFZA’s most important distinguishing feature is our dedication to developing a community where SMEs are motivated to create and inspired to succeed. Our free zone ecosystem is comprised of a growing range of products and services, including commercial real estate and fit-out, medical insurance, corporate banking support, professional training, events services, shared services and so much more.

What does IFZA aim to achieve in the coming years?

Looking back at what we have achieved over the first five years, I am determined to say that we are simply at the beginning stage of realising our full potential.

IFZA continues to live up to our calling as a dynamic and truly international free zone community. We have already put into place a number of plans to strengthen not only our international presence but, more importantly, our global partnerships.

Finally, IFZA is the title sponsor of the 2023 Annual International Conference & Exhibition (AICE). How does this event help drive competitiveness among UAE free zones?

One of the key priorities of the Dubai Economic Agenda D33 is to make Dubai one of the top three international destinations for tourism and business. Events such as the Annual International Conference and Exhibition places Dubai in a leadership role as a facilitator of global discussions on the trends and developments in international trade, logistics, and investment. It is only by working together and learning from one another that we can truly take the next leap forward.

"Jafza has created unparalleled opportunities in various sectors”

Abdulla Al Hashmi, Chief Operating officer, Jafza

Abdulla Al Hashmi

Why is Jafza a major attraction for companies, and what are your future plans to build on the free zone’s success?

For around five decades, The Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) has been a key contributor to the Emirate’s economic success by offering a comprehensive trade ecosystem. The free zone zone has created unparalleled opportunities in various sectors through end-to-end logistics solutions, digital trade platforms and access to DP World’s global portfolio, offering support at every step of the supply chain. It has built a community of more than 9,500 companies from over 130 countries. These companies are diversified across 15 sectors, creating employment for around 135,000 professionals. Jafza’s dedicated industry clusters for F&B, petrochem, pharma, retail, logistics and automotive have helped companies meet their niche business requirements.

How is Jafza helping perceptions evolve for global entrepreneurs looking at Dubai as a hub for investment and business?

Jafza’s priority is aligned with the vision of the UAE’s leadership in diversifying the country’s economy and increasingly relying on alternate industries. National initiatives like Operation 300bn, Dubai Economic Agenda D33, and free trade agreements like CEPA will create a business pro-environment for the companies in Dubai. Jafza’s ecosystem is well-positioned to support companies through its modern infrastructure, multimodal connectivity, and smart logistics solutions that facilitate growth. In 2022, Jafza registered 766 new companies, an increase of 32 per cent from 2021. Jafza has seen a 13-fold increase in logistics customers, while the vehicle and transport segment saw a compound annual growth rate of 26 per cent. The growing dependence on manufacturing, logistics, and e-commerce has presented fresh market prospects for the companies operating in Jafza.

“Our mandate consists of paving the way for game-changing ideas”

Dr Khalid Omar Al Midfa, Chairman, Shams

Dr Khalid Omar Al Midfa

How has the media industry evolved over the last 10 years and how is Shams acting as a catalyst to expedite change over the next decade?

Since its establishment as a free zone six years ago, Shams has adhered to an ambitious vision to strengthen the emirate’s media sector, grow its business community, and develop an integrated, innovation-led system. Our philosophy highlights our core objectives: we strive to support Sharjah’s human-centric system and its noble mission to empower people through meaningful media content and unique creative industries that can spearhead progress, enhance the community’s well-being, and boost Sharjah’s economic performance, diversity, and competitiveness.

Our mandate consists of paving the way for game-changing ideas and creating opportunities for innovators and creators, allowing them to hone their media skills and transform their visions into concrete, viable media projects with a meaningful message. We are also committed to channelling these ideas and embedding them into a sophisticated economic system. We strive to engage the business community in our effort to bring positive changes.

What are the opportunities Shams provides enterprising media and tech start-ups to grow their ventures?

Most recently, Shams marked its fifth anniversary with the inauguration of a new, state-of-the-art business centre that places cutting-edge technologies and facilities at member companies’ disposal, in line with our commitment to supporting business and encouraging creativity. The centre consists of three buildings, housing a physical incubator for entrepreneurship, innovation and smart projects.

The future looks bright for the media and creative industry around the world – and particularly in Sharjah. Guided by the vision and directives of His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, the Emirate of Sharjah has skilfully navigated the immense challenges of the past two years, on one hand, and embraced the technological advancements brought about by the digital transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, on the other.

Furthermore, the Emirate has cemented its status as a world capital of culture, art, civilisation, and human development, adhering to Dr Shaikh Sultan’s vision as a roadmap to ensure the prosperity of the economy and the well-being of future generations. And we, at Sharjah Media City, have every intention to carry that noble mission forward.

"Our priority has been to enhance the competitiveness of our operating companies”

Saud Salim Al Mazrouei, Director, HFZA

Saud Salim Al Mazrouei

How does Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZA) support SME investors and foreign businesses looking to launch their operations in the UAE?

HFZA understands the need to develop a supportive environment for the SME sector and accelerating the UAE’s economic diversification agenda by championing pioneering projects and emerging industries. As such, we have actively shifted our sales and marketing strategy from the traditional model of focusing only on acquiring large-ticket investors for rent, to focusing on SMEs who have limited capital and need facilities and support. We offer affordable start-up packages as well as streamlined procedures for company formation to support the growing entrepreneurial spirit in the country.

HFZA has always focused on providing a seamless client experience, allowing investors to focus on their business rather than on bureaucratic procedures. Our priority has been to enhance the competitiveness of our operating companies.

We have rapidly expanded our suite of online services to over 300, allowing investors in the UAE and around the world to seamlessly carry out day-to-day and exceptional activities without having to physically visit HFZA. This allows investors to conduct their activities, from document verification to VAT registration and more, from anywhere in the world.

It offers investors the opportunity to open a company in one of the six diverse sectors. Each business activity is equipped with a range of solutions that include office spaces, warehouses, and industrial plots, supported by attractive packages and simplified procedures.

How has HFZA proven its resilience by adapting to digital innovation and the changing business environment?

HFZA has constantly prioritised investing in smart transformation to enhance the services offered to investors. To date, they have introduced over 300 smart and digital services tailored to meet the diverse needs of more than 7,000 companies and institutions operating in the industrial, service, and commercial sectors within different sectors.

The digital infrastructure has served as a safety valve for investors, boosting their confidence in the business-friendly environment and the ability of the two zones to help their businesses navigate challenges with ease. This competitive advantage has laid the foundation for improving future services and attracting investors, as well as those interested in investing in a secure environment that has proven its resilience during the times of crisis.

"The UAE is perfectly positioned to deliver value to the industrial sector”

Robert Sutton, SVP Free Zone Cargo & Logistics, ADAFZ

Robert Sutton

The UAE has set the goal of enhancing the contribution of the industrial sector to Dh300 billion by 2031. How could Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone (ADAFZ) encourage international companies to develop, manufacture and assemble products in the UAE?

The UAE is perfectly positioned to deliver value to the industrial sector. The investment in infrastructure, airports, ports and rail ensures that the sectors supply chain needs are catered for. From an airport-based free zone perspective, we work hand in hand with the respective departments to ensure our offering is competitive and value based. This includes deploying our solutions teams to help identify and then deliver programmes which support local industry growth, employment and investments.

The industrial sector relies heavily on the ability to source, import and export materials globally. Our infrastructure, harmonised processes and geographic positioning provides the optimal platform that ensures industry can operate with optimal efficiency and leverage the trade facilitation programmes available. Again, part of our role in ADAFZ is to help our customers understand the programmes available and support the development of community partnerships linked to local manufacturing and/or assembly. In addition, ADAFZ offers a variety of commercial and financial incentives to attract and welcome the industrial sector to operate within the free zone.

What are the newest services ADAFZ has introduced in the past two years?

During the past two years the world has experienced unique trading challenges connected to the pandemic. A large part of our focus during this period was to ensure we were fully supporting our customers and business partners throughout this difficult time. Our outlook is one of long-term sustainable partnerships – this has allowed us to design and implement flexible solutions that enabled our customer base to push through the pandemic challenges with the full knowledge that ADAFZ team was working in partnership with them.

As an organisation, we are always looking ahead and are focused on ensuring that ADAFZ not only provides a core level of value-added services but also develops and delivers innovative solutions that benefit our customers, the community and the environment.

We have an exciting period ahead of ADAFZ where we will be launching a number of programmes, services and initiatives aimed at enhancing the value proposition to our customers.

"We help SMEs in digital transformation”

Robin Philip, CEO, A&A Associate

Robin Philip

What are the main benefits that A&A offers prospective clients looking at setting up business in the UAE?

A&A Associate is a leading Dubai business set-up company that houses chartered accountants, lawyers, and consultants providing a wide range of legal, auditing, accounting and management consulting solutions designed to meet different business needs through a single window.

Our experienced and skilled workforce is capable of handling many of the legal and administrative tasks for the client, freeing up their time to focus on other aspects of their business which is a big advantage to our clients.

What are the challenges you see SMEs facing while setting up and running a business and how could you help them navigate the challenges with ease?

SMEs face several challenges when setting up a business. First, they have limited resources and lack of expertise. Accessing finance and complying with regulatory processes are other issues they face. We take care of all the requirements and make them comfortable in the journey to start their dream business in the UAE.

Bank account opening is a critical concern for most start-ups in the beginning and this is our core strength where we can help them.

We also help SMEs in digital transformation, market access and managing growth by helping them to run campaigns on social media and also providing them the know-how to make a strong web presence.

"Aurion invests heavily in research to improve its portfolio of services”

Syam P Prabhu, Founder and Managing Director, Aurion

Syam P Prabhu

How diverse is Aurion’s service portfolio and what are the future plans for the brand?

Aurion has a diverse service portfolio based on the dynamic market environment and changing investor preferences. To stay competitive in a complex marketplace that is changing fast, it is essential to periodically innovate the service offerings.

Taking investor feedback and gauging the market response, Aurion constantly changes its strategies to benefit entrepreneurs. Expert business and legal consultants guide investors with all the required processes, legal formalities, and business information to make their business journey in the UAE a successful one.

Aurion invests heavily in research to improve its portfolio of services. The franchise division at Aurion is actively involved in forging franchise partnership agreements with consulting brands across Europe and Asia.

How is Aurion helping businesses, both in free zones as well as mainland, comply with corporate tax?

Aurion has a specialised tax consultancy department, managed by expert tax consultants from the UAE and India. It is solely focused on providing tax consultation services to foreign investors who are based in the UAE or have a business entity in the region.

Our team has prepared a checklist and guidelines in accordance with the Federal Tax Authority’s corporate tax regime to help businesses in free zones as well as mainland comply with corporate tax. It provides support through direct consultation, webinars, and conferences at regular intervals.

"We help new businesses scale up by giving them access to industry contacts”

Hatem Elsafty, CEO, Business Link

Hatem Elsafty

Businesses are operating in an environment full of uncertainty and constant change. How could you help new businesses scale up? provides new businesses with a range of practical services, including company registration and licensing, accounting and bookkeeping, legal services, and HR support. By outsourcing these essential functions to, new businesses can free up their time and resources to focus on their core competencies and key growth initiatives.

Another way that can help new businesses scale up is by providing them with access to a wide range of industry contacts and networks. The firm has established relationships with various stakeholders in the UAE business community, including government agencies, industry associations, and local businesses.

Could you share some details on the initiatives you have taken to help new businesses gain a competitive edge in the world of start-ups?

One of the key initiatives that has taken is to provide new businesses with access to a range of business consulting services.

The firm’s experienced consultants can work with new businesses to develop a comprehensive business plan, identify market opportunities, and optimise their operations for maximum efficiency and profitability. It can be invaluable for new businesses just starting out and needing guidance and support to get off the ground.

Additionally, has taken steps to provide new businesses with access to financing and other resources. The firm has established relationships with a variety of banks and financial institutions, which can provide new businesses with access to capital and other resources.

"We believe in constantly adding new services to our existing portfolio”

Lorenzo Jooris, CEO, Creative Zone

Lorenzo Jooris

Creative Zone is a leading name in the business set-up space. Could you share some details on the initiatives you have taken to help new businesses gain a competitive edge in the cutthroat world of start-ups?

Creative Zone acts as an ecosystem to help and educate business owners with the needed knowledge to set-up, launch, and grow their businesses in this region.

We consider our customer service as one of the most critical aspects of success of the company. Right from setting up, we hand hold our clients through their entire business journey until they are ready to launch and take off. Our regular informative webinar sessions on compliance updates, the changing business landscapes, and expansion of businesses to other GCC countries are all well received.

We also employ services like accounting, banking, HR, legal, marketing, and more – giving clients a team of experts with a singular focus of ensuring their business stands out.

We believe in constantly adding new services to our existing portfolio that we offer our clients based on their growing demands, and with our newly launched Creative Zone Premier division, we offer our advice and solutions for addressing concerns on asset protection, effective tax planning, succession planning, wealth management, and more through our Foundations, Trusts, SPVs, and Holding Company structures.

From flexi-desk options to office spaces and customised warehousing facilities, free zones offer a range of options to new businesses. How do you help a start-up select the right free zone based on their activities?

Every business idea is unique, and it is crucial to understand the nature of the business proposal, the expansion plans, required number of visas, the shareholding structure, and type of clients they would want to do business with. Our team of experts would ideally have a thorough sit-down with each client to understand every minor detail of their business activity. Only then will our team advise on the right jurisdiction or free zone to go for. It is important to also get the jurisdiction right at the first place, as a change in future would only add to more formalities including cancellation of existing licence and opening the same with another.

"We offer niche corporate services across the UAE”

Saeed Khalifa Al Fuqaei, Founder and Chairman, Shuraa Group

Saeed Khalifa Al Fuqaei

What essentially makes your services unique and how do you stay ahead of other players in the market?

Shuraa Business Setup has been offering services in Dubai for the last 22 years. We offer niche corporate services across the UAE allowing quick access to the market for multinationals and SMEs.

At Shuraa, entrepreneurs not only get the essentials to start their business but they also find every resource at their disposal to extend the scope of their company.

What gives us a significant edge is the presence of our offices in Dubai, London, Delhi, and Mumbai, which allows our clients easy access to us at all times.

How should an entrepreneur decide on the jurisdiction for his business?

Most entrepreneurs who come to Dubai for company formation are not sure where they should put down their roots. Our corporate advisors guide them to select the correct location for their entity based on the business activity.

Both mainland and free zones have several benefits. For instance, mainland offers 100 per cent business ownership and free zone companies are exempt from paying corporate taxes. Depending on what the business requirements are, investors can make the best decision.

"We are proud to be instrumental in laying the foundations of 3,200 businesses”

Kinnari Rahul Doshi, Managing Partner, FTA Registered Tax Agent, N.R.Doshi & Partners

Kinnari Rahul Doshi

What are the main benefits that NR Doshi & Partners (NRD) offers prospective clients looking at setting up business in the UAE?

NRD brings to its clients the advantage of 38 years of vast experience, along with over 100 trained professionals, multi-jurisdictional knowledge, a wide spectrum of services like audit and assurance, accounting and payroll, AML, ESR, VAT and excise, corporate and international tax, providing progressive solutions that work both legally and practically.

We are proud to be instrumental in laying the foundations of an estimated 3,200 businesses of all sizes in the UAE and foreign markets since 1985 including many Fortune 500 companies.

NRD has partnered with leading free zones to cater to their client’s needs, a partnership that is lauded by free zone authorities with certificates of appreciation or winning multiple best consultant awards consistently.

What are the challenges you see SMEs facing while setting up and running a business and how could you help them navigate the challenges with ease?

The regulatory environment in the UAE is continuously evolving; it is imperative for clients not just to be abreast of the latest developments but also to comply with them. N.R.Doshi & Partners, with its proficiency and expertise, assists clients not just with selecting the best business outfit and jurisdiction, but also adhere to compliance and administrative services enabling them to focus on the core things in their business.

"We believe in providing a one-stop-solution”

Omar Baltaji, Owner & Founder, Bizvisor

Omar Baltaji

Scalability of a start-up depends on where you lay the groundwork, planning, funding and systems. How could you help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground?

A new business requires the right planning, funding, the right partner and the service providers who can make your journey not only smooth but successful.

A business must get things right from the beginning. Here business set-up advisors step in to advise the investors and help them choose the right option for their entrepreneurial journey. First, we try to understand the requirement and vision for their business and then, we advise the right business activity and jurisdiction based on their budget.

How diverse is your service portfolio? How do you maintain an edge over other players in the market?

We believe in providing a one-stop-solution and currently, everyone is looking for the same as it saves time, money and cost. We are not only handling the business registration for our clients; we are also offering them the basic knowledge about the market and business opportunities available in the UAE. This helps them in driving business growth and taking the next step towards expansion. Our target is to advise and assist our clients at every step of their business journey, whether it is related to banking, legal documentation or any support and advice that they may need to operate in the UAE.

"We deliver what we promise”

Farina Ahmad, CEO, Make My Firm

Farina Ahmad

What does innovation mean to your company and what initiatives have you taken to stay up-to-date with the market changes?

Change is the sign of a dynamic market. That’s why service providers have to stay informed about any changes, updates, new regulations and rules related to business set-up so that they can keep their clients updated about the changes and compliances procedures.

We constantly innovate and grab every opportunity that comes our way to ensure sustainable growth of our business. We believe that if our clients grow, we will also grow.

What’s unique about your services?

We have provided services to some of the big players of the market and the business categories range from airlines, architecture developers to project management firms.

We believe in transparency in our relationship with customers and timely delivery of services. We deliver what we promise.

“We treat our clients as our partners”

Rizwan Ansari, CEO, RadiantBiz

Rizwan Ansari

What are some of the common challenges faced by entrepreneurs and how do you help them navigate the same?

Entrepreneurship plays a very crucial role in the economic development across the globe. The UAE offers many opportunities to entrepreneurs. However, sometimes they have to overcome several challenges to take their businesses forward.

The UAE is a hub for business and entrepreneurship, which also means that competition is fierce. An entrepreneur often finds it difficult to have a clear understanding of the market and target their customers to stand out and succeed. Before launching a business, they have to decide on the company structure and business activities, and find the right banking support. These decisions are critical and not always easy — this is where we step in. We can proudly say that we have ensured 100 per cent client satisfaction while building their business.

We educate our clients of the company formation process as well as about the compliance and regulatory requirements as we believe in building a transparent relationship with our clients.

What’s unique about your services?

We treat our clients as our partners and their business as ours. We are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure they achieve their business goals. Sometimes clients have very tight timelines and they look at wrapping up the licensing process and bank account opening as fast as possible.

We are confident of our services and satisfy every need of our clients, understanding their rigid timelines. We have an ongoing relationship with clients and we provide them with corporate and financial advisory to help them achieve every milestone in their business. Success of our client is our success and we believe in working and growing together.

"We provide customer-centric solutions for company formation”

Pramod Kumar, Managing Director, Axiom Mark

Pramod Kumar

What essentially makes your services unique?

Axiom Mark is a reliable and established business set-up consulting firm that has been operating in the UAE for close to 20 years. We provide customer-centric solutions for company formation, intellectual property rights and legal translations to help clients achieve a competitive edge for their business. We have established ourselves as a trusted business set-up partner in the country by providing high-quality services, timely delivery, and exceptional customer support.

What are the key things to consider before choosing the jurisdiction for a company?

The decision for choosing the right jurisdiction for a business depends on the nature, structure and aim of the business. For instance, if the main objective of the business is to operate overseas and not within the UAE, getting a licence from a free zone will be beneficial considering the recent corporate tax rules and regulations. However, if the client intends to set up a shop locally and cater to the domestic market, then it is advisable to get a mainland licence.

The legal framework is another important factor to consider when setting up a business. Mainland companies operate under the UAE federal laws which makes them eligible for bidding government contracts, while free zone companies operate under their own respective authorities.

Businesses must also consider the types of licences, amenities and facilities that they wish to avail before deciding on a jurisdiction. We highly recommend that entrepreneurs take advice from expert business set-up consultants to make an informed decision.

"What makes us special is our specialisation”

Ga Nui Park, Co-founder, Always Improving

Ga Nui Park

How does Always Improving maintain its edge over other players in the UAE?

Always Improving has been recognised on several occasions by its partners and free zones. But this is not what makes us the number one company in the French-speaking market. What makes us special is our specialisation. We support our clients with the best professionals in the sector, whether it’s legal, accounting, tax or banking. The customer is at the centre of our business and we take care of every aspect of his move to the UAE and setting up a company. What places us well above other players in the market is the human factor — our personalised approach.

What are the common challenges businesses face while setting up a company?

The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is the lack of awareness about the rules and regulations of setting up a company. This is why they sometimes find it difficult to navigate the set-up process. We put in place all the elements necessary for the success of our customers, not only while incorporating a business but also after setting it up.

"We simplify the process of starting a business”

Basma Ashry, CEO, Business Incorporation Zone

Basma Ashry

Being a leading player in the company set-up sector, how does Business Incorporation Zone act as a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their business?

Business Incorporation Zone is a company set-up services provider that helps people start and grow their businesses. We take care of essential tasks like registering the company, obtaining licences, and opening bank accounts, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their primary goals and ideas.

We’re especially skilled at assisting people in setting up businesses in the UAE. It can be challenging for entrepreneurs to navigate the complex rules and designated areas for businesses. With our knowledge and experience, we guide clients through the process, making it easier and quicker for them.

What are the main benefits that Business Incorporation Zone offers prospective clients looking at setting up business in the UAE?

Business Incorporation Zone supports clients in selecting the most suitable locations for their businesses and offers strategic advice on how to thrive in the UAE. By providing these services, we simplify the process of starting a business and help foster its growth. These are the factors that make Business Incorporation Zone an invaluable partner for entrepreneurs in the UAE.

"We support our clients beyond initial business set-up”

Karl Hougaard, Founder and Managing Partner, Trade License Zone

Karl Hougaard

Please share some details about your key services?

At Trade License Zone, we support our clients beyond initial business set-up with a full suite of related services, including TLZ Office; TLZ Address; TLZ Receptionist; TLZ Tax & Accounting; TLZ Advisory; TLZ Travel and TLZ Agency. We further support our clients via our TLZ Start-up Partners initiative, where we provide trusted partners for those services our clients may need in the initial stages of their business journey.

Growth of the SME sector is critical for the overall growth of the UAE economy. How could you help entrepreneurs tap new sectors that offer scopes for growth?

While echoing our brand values of Trusted Guidance, Affordable Solutions and Transparent Processes, we first provide a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to investors to ensure they receive accurate and comprehensive advice.

A business set-up consultant first helps to filter through all the options available to those most viable in line with your specific requirements. Then we take care of all the necessary processing on your behalf, which requires accuracy as errors may cause lengthy delays and be costly to rectify.

We further assist entrepreneurs with specific industry sector support. For example, in line with e-commerce being the most popular business activity, arguably on a global scale, we have tailored a package called around e-commerce specifically, effectively supporting those start-ups with comprehensive information, insights, and know-how.

"Our edge lies in our ability to cater to every aspect of a nascent and growing business”

George Hojeige, CEO, Virtugroup

George Hojeige

Innovation is key to a successful business. What does innovation mean to your company and how do you adapt your business to the new realities of the market?

At Virtuzone, innovation is ingrained in our company culture, permeating every department as we continuously evolve to stay ahead of market changes. To maintain our competitive edge, we are actively pursuing digital transformation by streamlining operations, automating processes in both sales and marketing, and enhancing personalised communication across all channels. This not only reduces costs but also optimises our marketing ROI.

One of our key initiatives is the development of an AI software to improve internal processes and customer experience. We have implemented an AI chatbot and created advanced tools, such as an AI-powered business plan builder, capable of generating business plans in mere minutes. Furthermore, we have appointed a Head of Digital Transformation to spearhead these efforts. In addition, we have launched VZX, a subsidiary focused on Web3, cryptocurrency, and blockchain-related ventures.

How diverse is your service portfolio and how do you maintain an edge over other players in the market?

Virtuzone’s diverse service portfolio sets us apart from competitors, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution for businesses throughout their growth journey. Our services encompass company set-up, visa applications, taxation, accounting, IT, legal, virtual assistance, trademark registration, mail management, PRO services, corporate bank account opening, insurance, Golden Visa, real estate, and more, with new services added regularly.

Our edge lies in our ability to cater to every aspect of a nascent and growing business, ensuring seamless and convenient access to a wide array of services.

"SRTIP can help SMEs navigate market changes”

Kallol Ghose, General Manager, SRTIP Accelerator

Kallol Ghose

How does SRTIP Accelerator act as a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs to set up and grow their business?

The SRTIP Accelerator provides a range of services to support businesses. This includes SRTIP free zone licensing, access to over 1,000 business activities, banking, VAT and accounting services, trademark and patent, and legal services.

SRTIP also creates a supportive and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, offering access to a start-of-the-art infrastructure, research facilities and a talented workforce. Additionally, the accelerator provides a variety of packages and incentives designed to meet the diverse needs of entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey.

Companies across different industries are redefining how they do business. What are the key challenges you see SMEs facing amid changing market dynamics and how can SRTIP Accelerator help companies navigate the changes?

There are several key challenges that SMEs face in the midst of changing market dynamics. One of the most significant challenges is the need to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends. SMEs often have limited resources to invest in research and development, which can put them at a disadvantage compared to larger, more established companies. Another challenge is the need to adapt quickly to changing customer demands and preferences. With the rise of e-commerce and social media, customers have become more informed and empowered, which means that SMEs need to be able to respond quickly to changing trends and consumer behaviour. Additionally, SMEs may face challenges related to talent acquisition and retention.

SRTIP can help SMEs navigate these changes in several ways. First, by providing access to the state-of-the-art infrastructure and research facilities, SMEs can develop and test new products and services in a conducive environment. Secondly, the SRTIP Accelerator can provide SMEs with access to a talented workforce, through recruitment services and networking opportunities. Finally, the SRTIP Accelerator can help SMEs navigate changing customer demands and preferences by providing access to market research and business advisory services.