Abu Dhabi: The Federal Tax Authority, FTA, announced on Tuesday that it has launched a new platform on its website to streamline the process of recovering Value Added Tax, VAT, incurred by UAE citizens on the building of new homes.

Citizens who qualify for VAT recovery on newly-built homes will receive an email with a request to submit the necessary documents to complete the processing. After verification of the documents, the citizen is notified of his/her entitlement. If the refund amount matches the tax invoices provided, then — following final approval the refund amount is transferred to the applicant’s bank account.

In a press statement issued today, the Authority explained that the platform’s most notable new feature is that it allows applicants to apply for the VAT refund online by using the e-Services feature on the FTA website, instead of having to mail applications, as was the previous procedure. It noted that this would save time and expedite the VAT recovery process.

Furthermore, the number of original documents that need to be submitted with the application has been reduced to just four and include a copy of the applicant’s family book, a copy of the applicant’s Emirates ID, a building permit included in the certificate of completion issued by the municipality, and a document indicating the date from which the building has been occupied.