Abu Dhabi: Etisalat’s business customers in the UAE are in for a major upgrade as etisalat boosts broadband speeds by up to 2.5 times for free.

Etisalat will double the speeds of its existing business customers starting today, at no additional charge. As an example, business customers subscribed to 4MBps speed will be automatically upgraded, free of charge, to 10MBps broadband speeds. Customers subscribed to other business packages will also experience a speed boost with varying levels of speed. New business customers too will enjoy the benefits of higher speeds at lower rates.

UAE is poised to be a global business hub for entrepreneurs and start-ups who are keen to benefit from the country’s booming economy. In a rapidly changing business landscape with technology advancements, proliferation of social media and increasing number of business applications, high-speed broadband connectivity is a crucial requirement for increased business productivity and profitability.

Salvador Anglada, Chief Business Officer at etisalat said, “To support this demand and the nation’s ICT vision, etisalat has invested billions in developing a solid fibre-optic infrastructure. For over 30 years, we have backed businesses in the UAE with technology, connectivity and innovative solutions customised to business needs across industry verticals. As a one-stop integrated technology partner, we want to help you take your business to the next level. The double speed upgrade is our promise and commitment to make our technology work for you and grow your business, allow you to do more and stand out from your competition.”

“Among other benefits, etisalat’s speed upgrades on its fixed-line network will provide faster and extremely reliable fixed-line internet connection, ensuring increased efficiencies, better global connectivity, reduced costs and improved customer service, resulting in increased profitability”, Anglada added.


The country’s small and medium business (SMB) sector has seen continuous development in recent years. Transparency, simplicity and value-for-money are key requirements that most SMBs seek from their service providers. Reliable internet connectivity is one among many factors that helps businesses realise their true potential and grow.

John Lincoln, Senior Vice President, Small and Medium Business, etisalat, said, “Etisalat’s dramatic upgrades on both download and upload speeds is a double whammy for your business. It gives you the extra professional edge with much higher speeds and makes businesses future-ready. Because there is no extra cost for the upgrades, it also results in huge savings and thereby increased profitability”.

“Our large base of SMB customers will experience significant increases in their business internet speeds. This is our way of expressing gratitude to our customers and helping them grow their businesses,” added Lincoln.

Etisalat’s business propositions are custom-designed to cater to the unique needs of businesses — large and small. Etisalat offers a spectrum of business vertical solutions, managed services, data centre and hosting services to all types of connectivity propositions.