Bitstream boost: The TRA is currently testing the new technology to iron out the kinks before rollout in December. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai:  A telecommunications company in Dubai has just unveiled an offer that allows expatriates in the UAE to make hours of international phone calls each month to their friends and families in their home country at a very low fixed rate.

Etisalat announced in social media on Monday that by just paying Dh150 a month, subscribers can talk to their loved ones abroad from the comforts of their home at any time of the day and they don’t have to worry about racking up thousands of dirhams in phone bills.

The "unlimited" offer applies to international calls made from a home phone to any mobile or landline numbers abroad, enabling UAE residents – especially those who love very long conversations on the phone -- to save money on international telecommunications charges.

“For the first time in the UAE, you now get the opportunity to make unlimited international calls from the comforts of your home,” the telecommunications company said on its website.

The customers, however, have to choose one country of choice from a list of 64 countries. “[They] can make high quality, unlimited international calls to any mobile or landline numbers in that country,” the announcement reads.

The offer applies to calls made to the countries in the succeeding list, but certain conditions apply. For calls made to any country under "group 1," the Dh150 rate applies to 2,000 minutes or roughy 33 hours a month.

For callers who choose a country in the "group 2" list, the standard "fair policy usage limit" of 1,000 minutes a month is applicable.

"Calls to other countries and over the fair usage limit will be charged at standard rates only," the company stated.

Group 1

1. Australia
2. Bangladesh
3. Bermuda
5. Cambodia
6. Canada
7. China
8. Colombia
9. Costa Rica
10. Cyprus
11. Denmark
12. Finland
13. France
14. French Guiana
15. Germany
16. Greece
17. Guadeloupe
18. Hong Kong
19. Iceland
20. India
21. Indonesia
22. Ireland
23. Japan
24. Malaysia
25. Malta
26. Martinique
27. Mexico
28. Netherlands
29. New Zealand
30. Northern Mariana Islands
31. Norway
32. Pakistan
33. Paraguay
34. Peru
35. Portugal
36. Puerto Rico
37. Romania
38. Singapore
39. South Africa
40. South Korea
41. Sweden
42. Switzerland
43. Thailand
44. United Kingdom
45. United States Of America
46. United States Virgin Islands
47. Uzbekistan

Group 2

1. Angola
2. Austria
3. Bahrain
4. Belgium
5. Egypt
6. Italy
7. Kuwait
8. Namibia
9. Nigeria
10. Oman
11. Qatar
12. Saudi Arabia
13. Slovakia
14. Spain
15. Syria
16. Taiwan
17. Turkey