Abu Dhabi: Mobile phone users subscribed to Etisalat have been facing connectivity issues for almost two hours on Sunday afternoon, Gulf News has learnt.

Users reported being unable to make calls to other Etisalat mobile phones, and said they were also not receiving calls since approximately 7:30PM. In addition, the main customer service number 101 was unreachable from the telecom providers' mobile phones, and appears to be busy when dialled.

"The line appears busy sometimes, but every once in a while a call goes through," said Fariha Nasrin, a 21-year-old Bangladeshi resident in the capital.

When contacted, a customer service agent at the Etisalat call centre said there had been 'an unplanned technical issue that would be resolved shortly'.

The agent added that the problem seemed to be affecting Etisalat mobile phone users only.

Etisalat-provided landlines and internet connection, and services from telecom provider du, have however been functioning normally.