Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd. (Gasco) signed two engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPC) contracts on Tuesday on a lump sum turnkey basis for the Habshan Sulphur Granulation Plant and Ruwais Sulphur Handling Terminal-2.

The two projects are being executed in parallel with the Shah-Habshan Ruwais Etihad Rail which is being implemented by Etihad Rail Company to transport granulated sulphur from the Shah and Habshan stations to the Ruwais sulphur export terminal to replace the current transportation of liquid sulphur via trucks to Ruwais. The transportation of granulated sulphur from source by Etihad Rail instead of transfer in liquid form by trucks to Ruwais improves on road safety, helps and consequently reduces carbon footprints.

The Habshan Sulphur Granulation Plant will be a new greenfield plant located approximately 16 km south south east of the existing Habshan gas complex and about 32 km south of the intersection of Highway E11 and Tarif (Abu Al Abyadh).

The Habshan Sulphur Granulation Plant will be able to receive, process and granulate 11,000 tonnes per day of liquid sulphur from the Habshan Gas Plants and also includes storage of liquid sulphur and granulated sulphur, blocking, rail car loading and generation of required utilities.


The liquid sulphur from the Habshan Gas Plants to the Habshan sulphur station will be transferred through liquid sulphur pipelines which will be based on SEET (Skin Effect Electrical Tracing) technology.

The contract was signed by Gasco CEO Mohammad Sahoo Al Suwaidi and by Dodsal chairman and president Rajen Kilachand at a total contract value of $479 million (Dh1.75 billion) with a completion schedule of 31 months.

Meanwhile, a consortium led by Al Jaber Group and Technip has been awarded the Ruwais Sulphur Handling Terminal 2 which will be a new greenfield plant located in the Ruwais industrial area approximately 165 km west southwest of Abu Dhabi City.

Facilities include rail unloading, granulated sulphur storage and ship loading of granulated sulphur from rail cars, supply of utilities from facilities within the Ruwais industrial area. The contract is worth $614 million (Dh2.25 billion) with a completion period of 36 months.