An Enoc petrol station at the Al Gulayaa area in Sharjah. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Emirates National Oil Company (Enoc) on Tuesday denied a Gulf News report which said other petrol retailers in the country might take over its operations in Sharjah and the northern emirates.

"Enoc categorically denies the report that appeared [yesterday] in Gulf News about the future course of running the Enoc and Eppco retail outlets in the northern emirates," a spokesman said in a statement sent to the media.

"It is extremely disappointing that the newspaper has seen it fit to publish a report which is totally baseless, speculative and unverified. Enoc reiterates that there has been no expression of interest by any organisation on taking over the operations of the company's retail outlets."

Future course

But the statement said that "concerned authorities are actively discussing the matter of fuel distribution in the northern emirates," and added: "Such rumours serve no positive purpose, and the newspaper owes an apology for spreading misinformation."

Gulf News on Monday quoted informed sources as saying the national oil company Adnoc may take over the running of Eppco and Enoc petrol stations in the northern emirates.

Dozens of Enoc and Eppco stations in the northern emirates continue to be closed following a decision by Sharjah authorities to shut down the pumps which ran dry last month.

Also on Tuesday , sources in the oil industry confirmed the possibility that other retailers have shown interest in assuming responsibility for those operations.