GMC Hummer EV
DEWA has been picking up speed with its EV 'Green Charger' rollout. The deal with Parkin - with a portfolio of 197,000 parking spaces in Dubai - sees it shift into another gear. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Electric vehicle owners in Dubai will soon find they will not have to look far and wide for a quick charging while on the go.

The utility company DEWA will expand the number of its EV ‘Green Charger’ stations at multiple locations managed by Parkin, the parking space operator. "This initiative is a part of DEWA’s ongoing efforts to encourage the use of environmentally-friendly EVs and improve customer experience by facilitating convenient vehicle charging,' said a statement from DEWA.

By end April, the number of EVs in Dubai had crossed 30,000. The number of registered customers for the DEWA EV Green Charger initiative went past the 15,000 mark by March end.

As for Parkin, the DFM-listed entity currently has around 197,000 parking spaces located around Dubai. 

Earlier this week, a new alliance confirmed it was launching EV charging points in the UAE, with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure teaming up with Etihad Water and Electricity (Etihad WE) to launch the 'UAEV' project.

DEWA charges up

Since 2015 until end March 2024, DEWA through the EV Green Charger initiative, has provided about 26,000 MWh of electricity, thus 'powering a cumulative electric vehicle distance of approximately 130 million kilometres'.

"DEWA’s EV Green Charger initiative actively supports the National Electric Vehicles Policy and the Dubai Green Mobility Strategy 2030," said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of DEWA.

DEWA had deployed 382 of Green Charging stations by end 2023, with many of them having dual charging outlets. 

"Given the time it takes to re-charge clean energy vehicles, our parking facilities will play a key role in supporting the global transition to EV," said Ahmed Bahrozyan, Chairman of Parkin.

The DEWA charger range
DEWA has installed four types of chargers: Ultra-Fast Charger (150 kW DC with ChadeMO and combo CCS sockets); Fast Charger (43 kW AC with Type 2 Socket, 50 kW DC ChadeMO and Combo CCS Sockets; Public Charger (2 x 22 kW AC, with double Type 2 Socket); and Wall-Box (22 kW AC, with single Type 2 Socket).