Dubai: Digital Economy Solutions (DES), a joint venture between Dubai’s Department of Economic Development and emaratech, said it will launch DubaiStore, an online marketplace focusing on small and medium enterprises.

DubaiStore will focus on promoting businesses, with no possibility of direct competition between it and sellers since it does not own or sell any products of its own.

DubaiStore will also host licensed home businesses and will act as a reference platform, which is expected held build brand exposure while also creating a new sales avenue for to grow.

“We plan to launch the online marketplace in the third quarter this year. DubaiStore aims to support the economic growth of Dubai by encouraging e-commerce as an efficient trading channel, governed by Dubai’s laws and regulations,” said Abdallah Ahmad Hassan, chief executive officer of Digital Economy Solutions.

In a statement, DES said it will be enrolling eTraders without registration or commission charges. It is also exploring partnership with key players in the market, the company said without providing more details.

The platform will have capabilities of creating and managing online stores and orders. Analytics and advisory services will also be available.

DubaiStore will allow each business to have its own digital representation of its brand, and will have an integrated payment gateway to facilitate online payments. The platform will have integrated with a courier service to facilitate deliveries, too.