Corporate tax webinar
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The introduction of corporate taxation has changed the way companies operate, promoting transparency in business processes and streamlining auditing and accounting practices.

While companies in the UAE have to pay a 9 per cent corporate tax on profit from June 1, businesses with revenues of Dh3 million or less can benefit from small business relief, initiated by the UAE Ministry of Finance. Considering that companies have so far enjoyed zero income tax on their profits, they are likely to have many questions about tax implementation and how to go about the transition.

After organizing a successful seminar in February with over 250 attendees from some of the UAE’s top enterprises, Gulf News, in association with Ask Pankaj, is back with a 5-day webinar series, Corporate tax in the UAE: Everything you need to know, to help businesses become tax ready.

Running from April 12-15 and April 17, from 2.30pm – 4.30pm, experienced tax advisors from AskPankaj will take a deep dive into the UAE’s new corporate tax regime, helping businesses and finance professionals understand the best ways to develop sustainable processes around compliance and build a tax efficient financing structure.

“Today, it is imperative for companies and people doing business in the UAE to understand the tax implications and compliance requirement. CEOs, finance personnel, consultants and auditors alike need to ensure that they learn the nuances of corporate tax,” says Pankaj S. Jain, Managing Director, AskPankaj, one of the key speakers at the webinar series.

“Considering the need of the business community at large, Gulf News and AskPankaj have joined hands to organise this exclusive webinar series that provides a structured learning experience about taxation.”

Gulf News webinar series has been meticulously planned to provide the participants with over 10 hours of structured discussion on taxation, reading materials and live Q&A sessions.

- Pankaj S. Jain, Managing Director, AskPankaj

Tax advisors from Ask Pankaj will simplify the complex tax issues into understandable action points for the participants. The webinar series will also cover international jurisprudence and tax controversies to provide a context to various tax provisions and share the experience and insights of the speakers.

“We observed that the business and finance community in the UAE has been attending short format webinars and events. This has resulted in overlapping discussions of same topics at a broader level. Gulf News webinar series has been meticulously planned to provide the participants with over 10 hours of structured discussion on taxation, reading materials and live Q&A sessions. The series will also have interactive polls to test the knowledge and concepts of the participants,” explains Jain. “As taxation is a fairly complex subject, the focus will be on explaining the concepts lucidly and with the help of diagrams.”

As companies in the UAE embrace the imminent changes in their operations and gear up to comply with the tax regime, it’s more important than ever that finance professionals develop a thorough understanding of the tax processes and regulation to reduce business risks and compliance concerns.

“Taxation will soon become a part of the UAE’s business environment. The responsibility of tax compliance and tax planning will be on the finance professionals. The business community will also look up to external consultants to assist them on taxation. The webinar series will acquaint them with important tax concepts, issues and jurisprudence. Taxation takes years to master and the webinar series aims to provide a direction and discuss practical tax issues impacting the business community. Thus, it is important for the finance professionals to attend this series to learn and understand corporate tax,”

Register now for this exclusive webinar series and pay a discounted price of Dh499.