Romain Gerardin-Fresse
Romain Gerardin-Fresse Image Credit: Supplied

Romain Gerardin-Fresse, a distinguished international lawyer and strategist, participated as a VIP jury member in the seventh edition of the premier fashion event Fashion Factor Season 7, held in Dubai on February 9-10, 2024.

With 'Futurism' as its theme, the seventh edition of Fashion Factor provided an ideal platform for designers from around the world.

Reflecting on his experience at Fashion Factor, Romain expressed his excitement, stating, "I am thrilled to attend Fashion Factor, which offers an opportunity for emerging designers not only from Dubai but also from around the world to showcase their talent to Dubai's audience. Dubai is emerging on the global fashion scene, and coming from France, the fashion capital of the world, I have a special appreciation for high-fashion events like this."

It's worth noting that the UAE is witnessing a surge in demand for luxury fashion brands, with high-end designers opening flagship stores in prestigious malls like the Dubai Mall.

Romain has been making headlines after being named the 'Middle East Outstanding Leader of the Year' at the Burj CEO Awards by the CEO Clubs Network in Dubai. Additionally, his name graced Times Square in New York. He is also the recipient of Asia’s Influential Leader Award, recognizing his distinguished services in the field of law. Recently, he was acknowledged as one of the top 100 visionary entrepreneurs for the year 2024 by the Emirates Finest Business Awards, reflecting his significant contributions to business, strategy, and the promotion of the UAE as a thriving business hub, according to the press release.

His appointment to the judging panel by Fashion Factor's organizers underscores his influential presence in the Middle East. Having relocated his business to the UAE, he promotes economic policy to foreign investors.

Romain heads a consortium operating in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Asia, specializing in tailor-made consultancy for high-profile individuals, public figures such as artists, actors, comedians, top sportsmen and women, and governments, according to the press release.

Speaking about his expansion plans, Romain says, “In terms of expansion, the UAE was always on my radar. After achieving immense success in Europe, I now aim to focus on the Middle Eastern region, recognizing the real opportunity here. The UAE is a fabulous country, making it the best place to swiftly and securely develop a solid economic ecosystem.”