The agreement was signed at Etihad Airways HQ in Abu Dhabi to advance knowledge, technology, and collaboration through shaping the future of aviation with the transformative solutions of AI. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) and Etihad Airways have signed a MoU to leverage AI and drive transformation in the UAE’s aviation industry.

The collaboration aims to develop initiatives and conduct research on the potential of AI in key aspects of aviation. The partnership will establish joint training programs, explore research opportunities, and organize seminars and conferences on AI in aviation.

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“Aviation is a key strategic sector in the UAE, helping to drive commerce and tourism and positioning the nation as a global hub,” said Sultan Al Hajji, MBZUAI’s Vice President of Public Affairs and Alumni Relations. “Through this partnership with Etihad Airways, MBZUAI aims to bring the power of AI to the aviation industry.”

“The partnership will also give our students - many of whom have undertaken internships with Etihad Airways - and our researchers, the opportunity to gain valuable experience and insights, opening up new areas of specialization,” he added.

MBZUAI students will benefit from training and gain a deeper understanding of the industry, while scientific research and expertise exchange will lead to innovative solutions. The collaboration between MBZUAI and Etihad Airways aims to position the UAE as a global hub for aviation and drive technological advancement in the sector.

“As the UAE’s national airline, Etihad Airways prides itself on being an industry leader,” said Mohamed Hasan Al Mansoori Vice President Emiratization Strategy & Government Relation at Etihad Airways. “We’re excited to partner with MBZUAI to explore opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, particularly in terms of long-term planning in areas such as customer service, flight planning, workforce and fleet management, and security.