(Left) Samadullah Ansari, Founder and Ismail Siddiqui, Co-founder Image Credit: Supplied

A new industry called "Jobs Tourism" emerged from the mind of two entrepreneurs, Samadullah Ansari (Founder) and Ismail Siddiqui (Co-founder)

Getting a Job abroad is very hard nowadays. Often, it's a big move in a career, the first step into international job experience, being self-sufficient and independent. However, as exciting as this sounds, the reality of getting a job abroad is marred with big hassles with many ups & downs in the employment journey.

Statistics show that 66% of job seekers from India (or the world) relocate abroad in search of employment but struggle to find suitable positions and subsistence while traveling. As a result, offered them good employment opportunities and everything else they needed for their job search.

To add convenience for the job seeker abroad, starting from Dubai (UAE). facilitates professionals to get a job interview schedule from the comfort of their homes at the mere click of a button. "Jobsqo provides an end-to-end solution for recruiters and job seekers – from upload resume adding skills, searching by an employer, getting selected for interviews, planning their journey to travel, stay in Dubai, and food and accommodations – all in one place!" explains Ismail.

Hassles while searching for Jobs in Dubai

Everybody has a dream of living a lavish life in Dubai. People wish to move to Dubai to get an ideal Job in Dubai. They arrive in UAE on a visit visa and try their luck, but most people are unsuccessful in finding appropriate employment here. Most are unfamiliar with Dubai and struggle to discover the ideal accommodations, meal options, and transit routes.

Features and Offerings

The first part of the Job journey is search: offers job seekers an advanced interface to add their skills and qualifications across various jobs by different recruiters, companies, or agencies.

The next step allows you to get shortlisted by employers: Jobsqo facilitates the interview scheduling part at the convenience of your home, thereby helping you save time and drastically improve your job search time.

Once the employer shortlists, the job seeker moves to the most exciting part – the 'Jobs Tourism.' Our 'Jobs with fun' mechanism clubs your job interview scheduling and exploring Dubai under one umbrella.

Besides convenience, it functions as a platform for swiftly, efficiently, and affordably closing the knowledge gap between recruiters and job seekers.

"Job Tourism is our key USP, wherein we leverage the power of employment of scale to obtain higher-employability solutions for the job-looking professionals with a unique system," states Samad.

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