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Dubai: Invest in Dubai Real Estate, the virtual real estate platform and a major initiative of Dubai Land Department, in partnership with the International Property Show, is gearing up to host a think tank programme on 26-27 May. The programme is primed to become the Middle East’s most influential 2021 event as it will cater to a more diverse audience involving various sectors and industries.

The second edition of this think tank will bring together participants from different fields to develop innovative solutions to particular challenges in their respective sectors to help enhance the real estate sector’s activities.

The Think Tank programme will welcome corporate leaders, real estate developers, investors, technology providers, financial and economic experts, educators, industry specialists, professionals and innovators from different segments. Furthermore, all public and private companies, as well as local and international organisations, who are keen on exploring new ideas, sharing their knowledge and creativity, and seeking a more in-depth outlook on their respective fields, are also welcome to join.

This event will allow participants to collaborate and devise new outcomes to address challenges faced in the key sectors of finance, facility management, real estate FDI, marketing, government services, knowledge, lifestyle, smart and sustainable cities, and property technology. The event will play a significant role in helping make informed decisions and formulate effective policies in the future to further improve the condition of the real estate industry.

The members of the Think Tank programme will comprise experts in their fields and will be divided into groups, each of which representing a particular sector and holding a brainstorming session to identify a specific direction in their respective sector that needs to be addressed and requires further attention and exploration. Members will also collaborate to share their knowledge, expertise, and research to introduce fresh ideas and perspectives to the table and innovate new solutions to solve specific challenges and cases.

Financial sector

For the finance sector, participants in the think tank can discuss new financing solutions as well as real estate security instruments that would be made available to real estate lenders and borrowers seeking working capital to purchase and renovate properties, among other real estate investments.

As real estate has remained a popular vehicle driving economic growth and financial wealth among investors, the knowledge sector may discuss innovative solutions to improve the global competitiveness of professionals in the real estate industry to cultivate their knowledge and gain additional skills.

Think-tankers in the facility management group can discuss new solutions to streamline the entire facility management process, including the management of personnel, finances, and physical property management to ensure the increased functionality, safety and efficiency of real estate properties.

Foreign direct investments

Foreign direct investment is crucial for the advancement of emerging and developing markets. FDI think-tankers can brainstorm new solutions to further maximise on returns and diversify internationally through real estate investments. They can also streamline the potential of real estate FDI for investors through innovative ideas.

Real estate

Real estate is one of the major contributors to the economy, and governments must support the real estate market, especially during challenging times. The government sector brainstorms the challenges and solutions when it comes to providing support to existing players, promoting real estate, stimulating demand, and improving investment potential.

Quality of life is one of the most influential factors when buying and selling real estate properties. Nowadays, consumers are constantly seeking properties with impressive environments and structure, not only to maintain their social status but also to ensure their safety and security as well as the psychological and physical comfort they seek. The lifestyle sector can discuss the challenges and solutions in terms of becoming a positive driving force to enhance the stability of the real estate industry. On the other hand, the marketing sector can brainstorm new solutions regarding the faster sale of real estate properties and the improvement of ROI through new marketing techniques.