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Budding entrepreneurs or those with innovative ideas can now easily bring their business vision to life in just two hours with SPC Free Zone. New company formation with SPC Free Zone is very straightforward, as the setup process focuses on providing ease, convenience, and accessibility. It is an innovative, consumer-focused free zone that continuously strives to provide the highest quality of service, whilst identifying and providing solutions for issues that entrepreneurs and investors face during new business setup. It is constantly looking at updating its processes in order to better suit customer needs and has now simplified the process by reducing its operations time.

Business setup in the digital age

Through the integration of advanced technology in their seamless digital system, the physical presence of the new business owner is not required. The owner could be residing anywhere in the world and will still be able to remotely set up their company in the UAE. This is possible due to the incorporation of a state-of-the-art online ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) portal which the owner, as well as all shareholders, managers and directors of the business can access. SPC Free Zone lets the owner digitally process everything on their own, including making payments through online channels. This is hassle-free and allows the owner to allocate valuable time and resources into their new business proposition, whilst eliminating the need for lengthy paperwork, having to visit different government entities for initial setup requirements, and eradicating extended waiting times.

The power of two hours

Two hours is the time needed to set up a new company with SPC Free Zone, which is a small chunk of your day. You can spend two hours in heavy traffic on the way home from your workplace - OR set up your own business in that same time frame. With Expo 2020 right around the corner, you can have your business established right in time for the consumer traffic that the Expo will draw into the UAE. There are no overly tiresome initial setup activities involved, which is why you can envision an idea and have the business come to life as early as today.

Mr. E Chalhoub is a satisfied client who successfully secured his business license in only two hours after deciding to open his company. “Setting up my business with SPC Free Zone was a breeze, from start to finish. My business was set up in only two hours in an exceptionally professional and precise manner. The staff is very proactive in following up and make sure that everything is done at the earliest. Hats off to the top-notch services that I have received, which have saved a lot of my time.”, he affirms.

Business setup timeline

• 2 Hours – Company formation documents are issued

• Day 3 – E-channel (company immigration) is registered, and establishment card is issued

• Day 5 – UAE entry permit or visa change-of-status, medical examination test and Emirates ID are issued

• Day 6 – Investor residence visa is stamped


Depending on the business setup and visa option the owner has invested in, the owner can:

• Select from 1, 2-, 3-, 5- or 10-years trade license options

• Choose from more than 1500 business license activities

• Combine up to 5 different activities under one license

• Avail discounts on multi-year license options

After the new company is established, the owner will have the following advantages:

• 100% ownership of the business, without the need for a local shareholder

• 100% foreign ownership

• Ability to have a dual trade license (conduct business activities in both mainland and free zone areas)

• Easy to set up corporate bank account

• Competitive prices on facilities such as coworking, Shell & Core, retail and storage space

• Exemption from personal income tax

• Exemption from import and export duties

• Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship services on site at SPC Free Zone

• No NOC required

• Well-developed infrastructure

• Ease of trade with prime location close to Downtown Dubai, Dubai International Airport, Central Sharjah, and Sharjah International Airport

Salim Omar Salim, Director at SPC Free Zone provides insight into the operations process. “Our team works hard behind the scenes to turn an entrepreneur’s business dream into reality in just two hours. The infrastructure in place minimises operations time and allows us swift new timelines for business setup. We are the no-brainer choice when it comes to quality, competence, efficiency, flexibility, and affordability. With our wide array of facilities that can be suitably customized to your specific needs, your business can be transformed into a professional powerhouse.”

He advises new entrepreneurs, “The simple formula and fundamental mechanism for entrepreneurial success is to view time as a luxury rather than a privilege. Set a goal, visualise it and identify timelines. Work with resources and entities that respect your time, give value to what really matters, and provide unwavering, exceptional support so that YOU in turn can provide the same to your customers. At SPC Free Zone, we take pride in saying we are the fastest free zone, where more is possible.”

Save time, achieve peace of mind, and get in touch with the fastest free zone at +971 800 SPCFZ (77239) or marketing@spcfz.ae for additional information on timelines, services and offers.

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