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Gellify Middle East, a multinational innovation platform managing digital transformations, has launched its Digital Intrapreneurs Fast Track (DIFT) program for companies in the Middle East and Africa.

The DIFT program is aimed at helping companies identify innovative ideas within their own organization and bring products and services to market within eight weeks instead of several months. It builds stakeholder digital awareness, enabling companies harness ideas and technologies by collaborating within the organization and also externally with an ecosystem.

“Traditionally, innovative ideas wither away in organizational silos, rarely reaching the market in time to cause disruption. The DIFT program is specifically designed for businesses in the Middle East and will enable companies through a structured methodology to rapidly bring ideas to a viable product stage,” says Massimo Cannizzo, the CEO and co-founder of Gellify Middle East.

“The launch of DIFT comes at a time when businesses in the Middle East need the speed and the ability to scale innovations at a faster pace than ever before. Businesses are looking to align with the digitalization goals of each of the governments in the region and to prepare for a future of digital and other disruptions. What better place than to look within the organization and foster an innovation culture that will ensure a sustainable and robust innovation pipeline?” adds Cannizzo.

The DIFT program instils entrepreneurship methodologies and skills inside companies and enables them to build relevant business models. The unique on-the-job training approach, design thinking and a digital collaboration platform along with toolkits and digital content help companies quickly funnel innovative ideas into structured projects that result in working prototypes.

Gellify’s unique building blocks for driving innovation has helped B2B companies in Europe mine their own talent to rapidly create sustainable and scalable capabilities for innovations in processes and build new products and services. These innovations are enabling the businesses to stay ahead in disruptive markets. The building blocks include using agile to implement innovative projects, design thinking, and LEGO SP combined with old style management consulting, coding and even field work. The company’s network of more than 11000 innovators gives clients access to a portfolio of cutting-edge technologies that can be adopted easily to extract business value.

Many of Gellify’s clients are reaping the benefits of successful corporate venturing and intrapreneurship, achieving a robust corporate culture for innovation. Using Gellify’s expertise, they have built new models, developed strategic resources while also expanding existing businesses.

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