The Mattress Store will retail the ErgoSportive at four of its stores. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Mattress Store has introduced the ErgoSportive adjustable beds in partnership with Ergomotion, which specialises in ‘smart beds’.

The ErgoSportive brings together technology and elements of ‘sophistication and an active lifestyle to enhance the performance and health of its users’.

Integrated with biosensors, these can track sleep activity. It also comes with a zero-gravity mode, a vibrating massage feature to enhance sleep quality, as well as a sunlight-emulating light in its headboard which can be turned on at a specific time to regulate the circadian rhythm and promote sleep regulation.

Another feature embeds an alarm feature that enables users to preset an alarm which moves the bed into a zero gravity or seated position, ‘awakening users to feeling rejuvenated and refreshed in a gradual manner as opposed to being jump-scared by deafening (iPhone) alarms mid-dream’.

The ErgoSportive ecosystem include a free Garmin wearable with every purchase, which works ‘symbiotically’ with the bed to provide sleep and activity data, as well as the ErgoSportive app to direct the bed via electronic devices.

The Mattress Store is the exclusive distributor for ErgoSportive in the UAE across four of its branches, including Sheikh Zayed Road, Umm Suqeim, Yas Mall and Galleria.