Twenty-seven of the region's baristas will engage for top honours at the Fellow Championship. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: CoffeeDesk, the coffee and tea accessories and equipment brand, is aligning with US-based Fellow to host the second edition of the Fellow Championship. It opens May 27 at Flat 21 café in Marina Cubes, Dubai Maritime City.

The Fellow Championship focuses on promoting specialty coffee and standout skills in brewing, product design for coffee equipment, and advancing the position of a barista. The plan is to engage the ‘UAE coffee community with an annual championship that serves as the apex of local and regional coffee events’.

The second edition will see 27 of the region’s talented baristas and coffee enthusiasts compete to be named as a champion. The competition is a multi-round, elimination tournament. Within each round, competitors will brew coffee using the Fellow Stagg [X] Pour-Over simultaneously. The use of milk or any other additives is not allowed and the competitors need to present the brewed coffee using ground coffee and water within 10 minutes.