Kiran Smart
Muhammad Mubin Malick wins Innovation in AI & Robotics Award in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

In a recently held ceremony in Dubai on January 20, Muhammad Mubin Malick won the Innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics award.

The award acknowledges the great work in the realm of technology by his company Kiran Smart which is operating in the GCC, India and other regions. Inspire Leadership Global Awards ceremony was organized by famous business woman Nousheen Mukhtar and was chaired by Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Muallah. The award ceremony aimed at recognizing business leaders from the arena of technology among other industries. Scores of innovators in different fields of technology attended the ceremony and applauded this great achievement by Muhammad Mubin Malick.

Kiran Smart, founded and led by Muhammad Mubin Malick, is known for providing humanoid robotics solutions. The company customizes robots to suit customer requirements. It has excelled in creating and supplying restaurant robots, school robots, bank robots, warehouse robots, coffee-making robots, cleaning robots, disinfection robots, airport robots, shopping malls robots, swimming pool cleaning robots, children’s robots, hotel room delivery robots, and many more.

Another innovation by Kiran Smart is the Digital Face Payment Solution. The major aim of the company is to innovate in robotics to ensure seamless human performance in workplaces and improved lifestyle.

Muhammad Mubin Malick believes in the power of technology to build better future. According to Malick, their best work has been to facilitate business and serve humanity during the pandemic as the robotic solutions offered by Kiran Smart prevented the spread of the pandemic and ensured businesses in restaurants, hospitals, medical clinics, and shopping malls were operating without any hazards.

Talking about the growth of his business, Muhammad Mubin Malick said, "I treat my team as family and is proud of their contribution in achieving global recognition through consistently commendable performance at Kiran Smart. Kiran Smart looks forward to retain and build upon its present powerful presence in the field of Ai and Robotics."