The Rare Antiquities
From left: Dr Marwan Al Zarouni, CEO of Dubai Blockchain Centre; Ryan Howells, Founder and CTO of The Rare Antiquities; Stuart Paterson, COO of The Rare Antiquities Image Credit: Supplied

The second day of the two-day Web3 DeCode event witnessed Dr Marwan Alzarouni signing as an advisor with The Rare Antiquities project.

“The Rare Antiquities is delighted to have on board such a prominent figure in the industry. At a time where some are shying away from crypto, we are excelling in both the development of our fractionalisation technology and onboarding some of the world’s most well-known names in both the museum and blockchain sector, and Dr Marwan is no exception. Our vision for the future is perfectly aligned which makes our partnership all the more exciting,” said Ryan Howells, founder of The Rare Antiquities Token.

“This project for me is a very novel take on NFTs. It also has a cyber security dimension, a subject I am very passionate about. Moreover, it represents a concept that enables people to be a part of the art collection world without spending a fortune,” explained Dr Marwan Alzarouni. We need more people working on these types of projects in Dubai and therefore I am more than happy to support The Rare Antiquities project."

What is The Rare Antiquities Token?

The Rare Antiquities bridges the gap between real world art and digital art making high valued fine art and antiquities accessible wherever you are in the world through NFTs. The digital art is then made further accessible to users through fractionalisation allowing anyone to own a piece of this high valued fine art or antiquities without paying millions to do so.

Tokenisation is the past, true fractionalisation is the future

By creating partnerships with the top museums and galleries in the world, The Rare Antiquities gives users the chance to own a fraction of a famous antiquity or piece of art without having to spend the high costs associated with doing so.

Using the automated fractionalisation technology built by The Rare Antiquities, within minutes a single piece of art can be fractionalised into thousands of individual NFTs, with the shape and size of each and every fraction being completely configurable. These NFT fractions can then be bought and sold on The Rare Antiquities NFT Marketplace, registered at DMCC Crypto Centre Dubai.