BeingShe 1000 Women initiative for web

BeingShe organisation announced the launch of the 1000 Women Initiative during the Gulf Women Bloggers & Influencers Conference, which took place at City Walk in commemoration of International Women’s Day 2023.

The initiative aims to empower 1000 women entrepreneurs through mentorship and networking as well as creating a platform that allows them to exchange experiences, seek government assistance, and unlock investment opportunities.

“Through our strategic partnerships with various industry players we have managed to create a system that will bridge the gap between women and various stakeholders," said Aparna Bajpai, founder of BeingShe during her speech. She also announced that the initiative is part of their BeingShe Empowered Program and would include a series of conferences with industry experts and government representatives teaching, advising and guiding women on ways to scale their businesses and attract investment.

The initiative is being supported by the Dubai Economic Department and is a continuous initiative with the initial phase covering April 2023 to April 2024. The conference was attended by the UAE’s top female digital creators, their Excellencies, government officials, and members of the press - with the support of City Walk, Mai Dubai, Radio 4, Channel 4, Al Arabia, B4U Plus, B4U Aflam, Boaz Restaurant, and Al Wasl Printing Press.

During the event, two panels also sat to discuss the future of social media and applying equity to women’s career advancement. The panelists included Yasmin Yousri, Saher Iftikhar Mansoor, Manal Mansoor, Winnie Carine, Yunna Albegova, and Alea Mohamad.