BCC Group
Amjad Sithara, CEO of BCC group Image Credit: Supplied

BCC is a leading manpower supply company in the UAE. The company has a proven track record in providing the best manpower in the field of MEP, Civil, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Cleaning Services.

BCC recognizes the values of each employee and makes it a point to give them financial aid in tough times. Ensuring the well-being of its employees has always been a priority of the organization.

Most people’s lives have been completely shattered by the COVID-19 sweeping the world. Amidst the pressure and overloaded stress, it is up to businesses, large and small, to do things that will better their employees, at large, until this difficult phase passes.

The pandemic has taken lives of many. The loss of loved ones can never be compensated through economic support. However, survival of the dependents becomes difficult after the death of the bread earner.

Amjad Sithara, CEO of BCC group, is a young entrepreneur, who has a clear vision and he has attained it through his passion and hard work. His initial investment to achieve his goal is self-confidence, persistent effort and positive outlook to life. Even at his height of success he has always been keen on demonstrating social commitment to his near and dear ones. A man of virtue who had made all his ventures into big success like a “Midas –Touch”.

BCC has always tried to help their employees through their tough times. The latest step portrays the company’s social responsibility towards the dependents of the deceased by compensating the deceased worker’s family in the event of death of the worker, as a result of an employment accident or an occupational disease during the tenure of their visa.

This would benefit the bereaved family members who are wholly or principally dependent for their subsistence on the deceased worker’s income at the time of his death. The company has also decided to support sons/daughters of the deceased who were in the deceased worker’s care at the time of his death by bearing all the expenses for their education up to university graduation.

This definitely proves that the company recognizes the value of each employee and makes it a point to be a support for their families in their difficult times.

This kind-heartedness of BCC’s CEO will be a motivation for many companies who have a vision to be socially responsible to their employees.

For more information, visit https://www.bccgroup.ae