Praveen Jaiswal Image Credit: Supplied

What sets Axiom Global apart from others as a brand?

As an entity, Axiom Global is fairly new. The literal meaning of the word ‘axiom’ is universal truth and that is how the motto of our company is “our word is our bond”. We believe in that concept and this is how we tried to name the company. What’s best about the company is that it was set up and run by professionals. We did not have any business background as such but were all working in different professional capacities and had the experience and desire to do something on our own. We have our own strengths. We have the network, and we know the business. We believe in ourselves, and combined with the strengths of team members we have built this brand.

What does leadership mean within the ethos of the company?

As far as leadership goes, I consider myself as more of a colleague and friend among my peers. It is trust that helps us immensely but having said that I must point out that trust does not come overnight. You earn that trust and respect, and you need to be impartial to build upon it. The focus should be on human capital, which is valued higher than money these days. It is fortifying relationships in-house and with customers that leads us to success together.

How have you sailed through these transitional pandemic times - guiding company fortunes and spirit?

The company started in 2019, when we set up operations and built our foundation. The year 2020 was to be the one when we initiated our growth phase, but the pandemic was an unanticipated challenge. It hasn’t largely impacted our business though. There were setbacks initially, during the lockdown. We saw the airline industry take a massive blow but since our business is more into shipping and oil trading, we had opportunities to trade which we capitalised on. We might have done better than we have in 2020 had there not been a pandemic but I am optimistic and quite satisfied with what has been achieved. The pandemic also brought positives in ourselves in a sense that we took care of family and personal health, with more determination to set the foundation for the future growth of the company.

What plans do you have for the future as the world evolves?

We are into international trade, with our operations spread out across ports worldwide. So, as per my industry perspective we are used to working remotely. Attending conferences, meeting our customers, our business partners face to face adds that element of connection but given the current scenario we have been flexible in our workflow and business. I trust this phase will soon be over. We are seeing the signs and with advancements in science and technology we will soon be on the other side of this transition.

Any tips or guidance for future entrepreneurs?

I’d like to focus my thoughts on professionals turning into entrepreneurs because this has been my own personal journey too. Being a salaried person, we tend to get into a “comfort zone” because we are able to manage the needs of life. The fear of failure can make you hesitant to take that leap of faith. However, if you really have a desire to build something for yourself then keep a backup of finances for a few months and take that step. A dream needs to be on tap, so you have something worth pursuing. Work consistently and unconditionally to make it your reality. I was blessed to have the right people with me as peers. I am also grateful to the leadership of this great nation that makes doing business here so seamless.