Surandar Jesrani Image Credit: Supplied

How did it all start?

Back in 2016 when there were whispers of VAT being implemented in GCC, I was clear that this is the right time to start my entrepreneurship journey. Having worked in MNCs for close to two decades, I had an extensive experience of running tax affairs across the US, Europe and Asia.

MMJS started with a clear focus on consulting practice. We started with tax consulting in the UAE with a larger vision of One GCC - One Firm. In my journey in Europe, I have seen the challenges even after decades in and around tax matters amongst the EU countries. Having one firm with the same leadership will help bring a lot of value to businesses in GCC.

MMJS today

Today we have a presence in the UAE, Bahrain, KSA, Oman, Kuwait, and India, with a team size of over 80 staff providing tax, management and tech consulting services.

Achieving this in a short span of four years in the consulting business is like aggressive growth, this is what everyone tells me. However, the truth is it’s very natural. I just followed my dream. I love building team and building businesses. I enjoy the journey and the rest follows.

When anyone asks me how was 2020, a pandemic year, my response is that in the last one year, we started three companies, launched ourselves in two new countries and doubled our staff. We must use each day wisely and generate what is best possible, and each time it must be better than the previous day.

My team is a blessing to me, and they make it happen. We all work on each other’s strengths.

The ultimate objective is clear, we will not die ordinary and each one who contributes should grow. Trust is the foundation for all relationships and as a leader I provide trust first unless I have a reason to take it back. As leaders we cannot please all and need to do what is right.

What drives me?

My emotional dream of creating employment. My team and those who know me closely are aware that I am at speed to create that 100th staff position at the MMJS Group and I have programmed my mind in finding a way to make that happen, so there is no looking back.

I believe if we create sustainable jobs then we can solve a lot of challenges and help people grow. This is my sense of achievement. Believe me it comes back and that can only be experienced and not explained.

Reminder or message to myself

1) Dream big!

2) Never forget your past – Where you started from and why you started

3) Respect and be fair to all

4) Add value to each stakeholder – Each time, each meeting and each call

5) Solve the problem

6) Wealthy is better than rich

7) Know your business well and have the right team

8) Exercise empathy

9) Spend quality time with your family

10) Build a team, build business

What next for MMJS?

Our focus for the coming few years is to build a company that is rock solid, focused, relevant and genuinely solving business problems through innovative solutions. We want to build deeper relationships with our existing clients to understand their challenges and help them succeed in their journey.

This is only the start for us, and we have a lot of ideas and initiatives we truly believe in. We will bring them to life as we go along with the timeline of the company. We will resolutely work with each team member and grow them to a different level, through constant support and direction, and by moving them out of comfort zones and building them as leaders who will build businesses.