Oscar Chairman Shabbir Patel, with his son Shadaab Patel and his family Image Credit: Supplied

The Oscar Group Of Companies is founded by Shabbir Noor Mohammed Patel, chairman of the group. His vision to establish the Oscar Group as an iconic company of the UAE has been achieved through his hard work and value-for-money propositions to customers. The company is now being spearheaded by Shadaab Ahmed Shabbir Patel, along with his father, who has taken the group to new heights with high-value projects that have the latest amenities.

Shehnaz Shabbir Patel takes care of individual customer needs and administration of the company, while Shadaab Ahmed Shabbir Patel concentrates on construction activities in the Al Furjan project and overall management of the entire group.

The company has engaged Sam Contracting, one of the leading construction contractors in the UAE, ensuring that construction activities have carried on uninterrupted even during the pandemic. Muskaan Shadaab Patel handles public relations and promotional activities of the company. The team work has helped Oscar Real Estate go from strength to strength, providing homes to more than thousands of families in Mumbai and Dubai. The Oscar Group of Companies has developed apartment buildings in JVT (Noor Apartment 1), Al Furjan (Shadaab Noor Tower) and Discovery Gardens (Building 86). All units are leased to tenants directly by the developer. Shadaab Ahmed Shabbir Patel, managing director of Oscar Real Estate, says, “Our tenants benefit in two ways when renting apartments in our properties,” he adds.

Patel says, “First, the tenant does not have to pay commission to the agent as they directly rent units from us, which means they are making a savings of Dh2,000. Moreover, we are currently offering a 13-month contract, which means the tenants make an additional saving of one month rent, which is approximately Dh2,500 savings on the studio, when they rent a home in our building. So, they save Dh4,500 when renting our units.”

The developer is also offering regular sanitising facilities to all tenants. “We have signed a special package, combining pest control and Covid-19 sanitising services for the entire building, including each of the apartments, until the crisis comes to an end. We have all precautionary measures in place, including temperature check for all those entering the building,” Patel adds. High-quality construction ensures the projects have quality finishes, so tenants don’t face any significant maintenance issues even after several years of stay.

The Shadaab Noor Tower, located in the vibrant community Al Furjan has residential and commercial properties. Residents have access to the Al Furjan Pavilion nearby, a bustling retail and leisure area with a Spinney’s supermarket, healthcare centres and hospitals, Al Furjan Club House and some restaurants at proximity.

The Shadaab Noor Tower, located in the vibrant community Al Furjan Image Credit: Supplied

Tenants can also rent brand new furnished apartments in Noor Apartment 1 in Jumeirah Village Triangle, constructed recently, with options of studios, one or two-bedroom units. The building features modest architecture with decorative design, expansive retail space, open-plan kitchen and a wide balcony, with over 106 units.

The Discovery Gardens Building 86 project offers 99 units in the Mediterranean style with distinct designs, energy-saving features and home options of studios and one-bedroom apartments. All the projects deisgned by the developer make optimum use of space with no wastage, giving tenants the benefit of real value for money.

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