Lebanese star Myriam Fares Image Credit: Supplied


As part of an ongoing relationship with the Queen of Stage Myriam Fares, REDTAG, the Middle East’s favourite value fashion and homeware brand, has launched a collection endorsed by the Lebanese pop icon, reflecting the spiritual essence of Ramadan. 

REDTAG, the region’s favourite homegrown value fashion brand, has launched a Ramadan collection endorsed by Myriam Fares, beloved Arab star of screen and stage, which has been curated using creative themes inspired by the spiritual essence of the holy month.

As one of the region’s most emulated trendsetters, Myriam’s effervescent personality and unique look is both cosmopolitan, and rooted in a Middle Eastern aesthetic. REDTAG’s latest collection reflects the beloved Arab star’s inimitable style.

Built around the creative themes of Celebrate, Discover, Glow, Pause, Reflect, and Wonder, the REDTAG Myriam Fares Ramadan Collection 2021 is a fusion of classic Arabic motifs, sequins and delicate gilded lacework on airy whites, soothing pastels, and bold black tones. From reconnecting with the spiritual, through Pause, Reflect, and Wonder; to the self-expression of Celebrate, Discover, and Glow; these themes acknowledge Ramadan’s spiritual essence - thoughtfulness, renewal, gratitude, and sharing.

As a style icon, Myriam Fares captures the self-confidence and optimism of the region's youth, who are equally at ease, with their ancient roots and as global citizens embracing the latest trends in a connected and emerging new world. By curating collections that confidently embrace tradition and modernity, REDTAG has created a brand identity that is both proudly Arab, and globally relevant. The REDTAG Myriam Fares Ramadan Collection 2021 celebrates this modern Arabic identity, through visual cues that are a nod to the UAE's successful Mars Mission, named Al-Amal, or ‘Hope’.

Renewal, self-reflection, and discipline explored by observing restraint, are the very essence of Ramadan. But the holy month is also about celebration, and an exuberant expression of gratitude and sharing. The REDTAG Myriam Fares Ramadan Collection 2021 captures the many emotions and facets of both these aspects.

In a year, in which the message of the holy month of Ramadan is particularly relevant, REDTAG has curated a collection that is infused with the quintessential amalgamation of discreet, understated grace, and the glow of renewal, redemption, and euphoric revival.