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With over 190 schools shut during the same period of the pandemic, high school graduates can feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious about the uncertainty that lies ahead of their higher education journey. Along with this, board examinations cancellations, students experience apprehensions and additional stress on continuing their higher education. While most reputed universities offer conditional offers which are turned unconditional based on the board exam results; this year higher education institutions are working hard on streamlining this process to extend maximum support to their students.

Capital University College with a similar sentiment to support students has launched a new admissions route - Aspire| Apply| Admit. Through this new admissions route, the University will be accepting provisional or pre-board results along with other test results for further evaluation. In line with admissions, the university will also start accepting various certifications/extracurricular that will support their application along with a personal statement, highlighting their interests, goals and how this program can benefit in the long run. All in all, the University is looking for a simplified approach to the admissions process where students do not have to waste any time and enroll into their desired program easily. With their rolling admissions policy, they are ready to welcome students to start their higher education at their convenience and complete the programs at their pace and space.

Through this quick and hassle-free admissions route, students can easily enroll for top ranked UK Bachelors degree in Business in just two years on a fast track basis, unlike other institutions.

Another program presented by the higher education institution is to offer admissions to the Level 3 Diploma, commonly called the Foundation program. This is ideal for those who are looking to kick-start their University life and smoothly transition to their bachelors’ journey. Students above the age of 16, holding an O level or equivalent levels of qualification can simply apply and get admitted for the program. Moreover, students with any relevant work/internship experience will also be considered for the program as the qualification is heavily bound towards academic and professional excellence. Interested students can simply take a virtual or an in-person appointment with one of Capital’s ace admission officers for further inquiries and begin the simple admission process. At the end of the program, students will receive a Level 3 Diploma from Qualifi, UK’s most reputed awarding body. This qualification will also be a pedestal to start their education journey onto their graduate level.

Alternatively, students who are looking to specialize in business and its multifold facets, are welcome to enroll in the highly popular program - BA (Hons) in Business. This program is in exclusive partnership with North Wales Business School, Glyndwr University, one of the UK's renowned higher education institutions. Students enrolling in this program can simply share their provisional results and other documents for a smooth and successful admit at Capital University College. Unlike other institutions that require three or four years for the completion of the program, Capital University College gives students an opportunity to complete it in two years. At the end of the program, they will be awarded a Level 5 Diploma in Business Strategy from Qualifi along with a Bachelor’s degree from North Wales Business School, Glyndwr University. In two years, students will earn two international qualifications right here in the UAE.

The University ranks 55 for the University of the Year, 1st in Wales for getting student jobs and internship opportunities, and ranks 2nd in Wales for student satisfaction. The University is considered among the Top 10 risers in the UK and has 93% Graduate Level Employability. Glyndwr University is recognized among the UK's top 100 universities and is regarded to be the most socially inclusive University in the United Kingdom and ranks 1st for the same.

Alternatively, students looking to earn an American degree, can choose to apply for the Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program in partnership with Westcliff University based in California. Students can submit their provisional results along with a compelling personal statement or other portfolio that will increase their chances of receiving an offer letter. At the end of the program, students will earn an American degree right here in the UAE along with numerous opportunities in both the professional and academic aspect. They can further enroll for an MBA with this highly recognized qualification.

Capital University College also offers creative programs including Professional Diploma in Interior Design, Fashion Design and Make-Up in technical collaboration with the UK's reputed London College of Arts. Students who have a creative flair or are interested in producing trendy apparels are welcome to apply for this 6-months rigorous program with a practical approach to learning. Students at the end of the design program will receive their qualifications from London College of Arts that is accredited and endorsed by Qualifi, a registered awarding body in the UK. As students graduate, they will own an international qualification that will be a stepping stone to the student’s successful careers.

Additionally, Capital has also developed new scholarship opportunities as their little way of supporting parents and students during such challenging times. This year, Capital has managed to launch a scheme where admission processes are easier than ever with an objective to support their students, be it morally or financially. From students showcasing academic excellence to referrals, the University has created a scholarship opportunity that will fit any student's background. These scholarship grants are up to 50% off in tuition fees so that students can grab this opportunity to have access to international and quality-driven education, without having to travel elsewhere. Lastly, students can also transfer to their partner universities at any point in their study journey. In this way, students can receive regional yet international exposure with flexibility and affordability at the forefront.

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