The team celebrates the commitment to health and safety Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Design Infinity has announced the achievement of 100,000 safe man-hours without any LTI (lost time injury) in the Zayed University Project site. This is an achievement for Design Infinity to obtain an excellent safety result during Covid-19, a milestone of immense value for any contractor.

Akhil Sundar Ganapathy, HSE Manager of Design Infinity said, “Under the guidance of Zayed University’s EHS Department and Insite Project Management, we have achieved zero Covid positive cases on the project because of the stringent safety measures that were undertaken as per WHO and Zayed University. To maintain safe distance, we reduced the daily manpower and increased the working shifts. Site sanitisation after each shift, temperature monitoring and health check-up for each individual before entering the site premises were some of the safety measures that we administered. We submitted the HSE plan before commencing the project, Zayed University EHS team then reviewed it and we scored 97 per cent. To have 100,000 man-hours without LTI is a proof that we successfully implemented what we committed in our plans,” Akhil further added.

Sooraj Thekke Veetill, Senior Project Manager of Design Infinity said, “We have exceeded the safety standards with the completion of this project that has interesting interior elements. There were lot of interior elements that we’ve amended with the design, to achieve best results. The main challenge of the project was working at 11-meter height with scaffolding throughout the project to complete all the MEP services and structural works, without interrupting other activities. During Covid-19 we worked both day and night shift to maintain social distancing and achieve on-time completion with best quality of work. We are proud to have achieved excellent health and safety records with this project. We hereby prove that we are always committed to health, safety and quality for all our projects”

Pratap Mendonca, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Design Infinity said, “Safety is our main priority and we would like to congratulate our projects and HSE team for their hard work and outstanding constant efforts towards health and safety and for their ability to carry out the works for this reputed project uninterruptedly.”

Geetha Nayak, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Design Infinity said, “This significant milestone is a special moment for us as we have showed our commitment to health and safety, despite the unusual circumstances . A special appreciation certificate was presented to us in recognition of completing 100,000 safe man hours without a lost time injury.”

Design Infinity bagged the fit-out contract for Zayed University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in 2019 designed by HOK. The project is spread out across the first and mezzanine floor of the University spanning 30,000 square feet.